Our President, Neil Pundit had a telephone conversation with the father of slain alum Saurabh Kumar, and he will visit the family on Nov 24 in Akilabad, near Hajipur. Here is a summary of the phone conversation by Dr Pundit:Father, Suresh Ray,  M +91 993 179 2488, is retired, aggrieved, but soft spoken. His only wish is that justice be done with a proper inquiry such that his son’s sacrifice with his life fosters the cause of honesty in the prevailing corruption.The mafia around Kharagpur, where Saurabb worked with the Railways, is so domineering that he could not get anybody to talk to him. They were all polite but absolutely mum. He thinks that to get to the truth, a powerful investigative agency possibly from Kolkata or Delhi has to be engaged.While the Railway Minister ordered an inquiry, nothing seems to have been done.He said that the family is modestly well to do with some farming, his pension, and the older son’s salary as a middle school teacher. He appreciates our concern.Publicity: He is unaware of the candle light vigils in major cities done by our alumni.There is a local reporter with whom he has talked but he has not seen any proper coverage in the news media. I briefed him on the vigils as reported on the FaceBook.Neil will provide an update after he meet with kumar’s father and the family. At his request his nephew has visited him a couple of times.