Elected Directors (BOD):  Abbreviations in parenthesis following the last name designate Distinguished Alum by D, and Life Member by L

  1. Divyanshu Raj (D, L) (1991 Metallurgy) President, New Jersey
  2. Alka Singh (D, L) (1991 E&C ) Vice President, Boston, MA
  3. Sunila Dutta(1989 Chemical ), Vice President, Canada
  4. Vinay Singh (D, L) (1989 E&C ) Secretary, NJ
  5. Chandan Kumar (D, L) (2015 Computer Science) Treasurer, Ames, IA
  6. Prabhat K Sinha (D, L), (1963 Chemical) Chairperson, Norfolk, VA
  7. Anil Kumar, (1967 Mechanical) Member, NJ
  8. Anoop Verma, (1986 Chemical) Member, Chicago, IL
  9. Krishna Jha, (1993 Mechanical) Member, FL
  10. Mahesh Jha, (1965 Metal) Member, Denver, CO
  11. Rajeev Singh, (1989 E&C) Member, NJ
  12. Rajesh Ranjan (1975 Mechanical), Member, Canada
  13. Sandeep Kumar (D, L) (1995 Civil) Member, Virginia
  14. Sanjay Verma, (1990 Civil), Member, CA
  15. Ujjawal Sinha, (1996 Chemical), Member, CA
  16. Anil Kumar (1979 Chemical), Associate Member, Canada
  17. Ashok Singh (1979 Production), Associate Member, Maryland
  18. Prakash Gupta (1990 E&C), Associate Member, NJ
  19. Rajan Kumar (1997 Computer Science), Associate Member, CA
  20. Rajesh Verma (1993 Production), Associate Member, Canada
  21. Sanjeev K. Chaudhary (1998 Electrical), Associate Member, NJ
  22. Santosh Kumar (2004 Metal), Associate Member, NJ

President Emeritus:

# Alumni Graduation Year Branch Spouse City State Country
1 Neil D Pundit 1961 TC   Weston FL USA
2 Anil Singh 1964 Metal     CA USA
3 Ramesh Yadava 1971 Electrical     CA USA

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