We are excited to publish the August 2021 BITSAANA Newsletter. In this edition we feature Dr. Neil Pundit 1961 Telecom

Starting this newsletter release, we have added a new heading featuring the children and grandchildren of our alumni. In this volume we are featuring Jayden Kunwar student at Johns Hopkins and Grandson Mr Bodh Kunwar (63 Electrical) and Mrs. Chitra Kunwar

The Covid has not slowed down the excitement and eagerness to keep on bringing new ideas and their implementation towards progress of our institute. All the BITSAANA chapters continued their scheduled meetings on zoom/social platform to keep the momentum going.

The BITSAANA Virtual (Zoom) Global meet is on August 28th.2021.

BITSAANA stepped up to the call of help to address COVID challenge in India, raised over $1,000,000 and sent to PM Cares Fund.

BIT Sindri Alumni Association International BITSAAI is leading the effort in Alumni connectivity and have connected over 6,000 alumni through alma connect.

The alumni all across the globe have joined hands in an effort to share their knowledge with the students and Faculty. The effort by alumni is on to have joint research with BIT students under guidance of faculty. These are sure steps to towards our beloved institute BIT Sindri achieving the distinction of “Second None”

Director Dr D K Singh with his team of talented faculty and staff have rolled up their sleeves and jumped in with full dedication to make BIT a national level institute. The accreditation of Production Engineering by GOI Department of Higher education shows the success of dedicated effort. Please feel free to reach out to any of the HOD’s with your idea and input and Let us join in, in making our institute “Second to None” The institute of choice for all future technologists and scientists

We will love to hear from you on BITSAANA donation Drive and this newsletter. Please forward your comments and questions to editor@bitsindri.org

Ramesh Yadava Aug. 14, 2021


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