Please find below updates from Dr Neil Pundit, President, BITSAA of North America, and BITS Association International:1. Campus-wide Toilet Renovation: We have the (NOC) No Objection Certificate from the Govt of Jharkhand for campus-wide Toilet Renovation. Made possible through the generosity of our Distinguished Alum Dr Krishna Pal Singh (1967 ME), the work will be carried out in Phases starting with girls’ hostels and the Alumni House. On successful completion of Phase I, Toilet Renovation will be continued campus-wide in all hostels, and administrative and academic buildings. The total cost is based on estimates from a local Contractor chosen by the Director, and it amounts to US$700K.In light of the Sulabh International’s willingness in helping us out in their nonprofit manner, I have made an URGENT REQUEST to Director Dr Dey and his designate Dr Girijesh Kumar  to revisit the choice of the contractor. As you may recall our concern has been with the proper supervision of construction for which we have added a few members to the Construction Supervisory Committee. We all can breathe easier if Sulabh International can do the entire project. Of course, we would need to get estimates from them.2. Matching Offer for Public Toilet: Enabled again by the generosity of Dr Kris Singh, we are inviting applications from our alumni for Public Toilet in Bihar and Jharkhand. The details are on website of the prospective applicants would welcome additional contribution to lessen their burden to below 50%. Kiran Sinha (a 1962 product from Patna) has undertaken to seek donations from alumni in India. This will be under the auspices of the International umbrella organization. Our BITSAA North America Board Of Directors, partly moved by Kiran, decided yesterday to launch a similar focused campaign in North America seeking such augmenting donations. These are heart warming developments in concert with India’s priority for cleanliness.Stay tuned.