Public Toilet UPDATENeil Pundit, PhD, (1961 TC)President, North America ChapterBIT Sindri Alumni Association08 June 2016Dr Krishna Pal Singh (1967 ME) through his Foundation has a continuing pledge for Public Toilets. The Foundation pays 50% of the construction cost, and two years of maintenance. There is a process in place ( to avail of this. Some 50 public toilets have been constructed, and 60+ toilets are in the process in Bihar.Our Board has recently approved an amendment whereby the Association seeks donations to be pooled for encouraging Public Toilets. Now the Association will pay all the costs and gather KPS Foundation funding. Toward this goal Neil Pundit has contributed over $18K. He plans to undertake Phase II which has a goal of over 60 toilets. Contribution to the Association is tax-deductible for US taxpayers. Additionally, 70.5+ years young US taxpayers may contribute from their IRA up to $100K each year without paying any tax at all.We invite all alumni to avail of this opportunity and contribute to India’s cleanliness movement. We are much encouraged by the public appreciation such that the land owners and potential users are willing to contribute toward public toilet.