Dear Friends,I am pleased to report to you that our friend Prof Dr BN Mishra (1962 TC), Chairman of the Board of NSIT, has delivered on his assignment of drafting documents for Autonomy of BIT Sindri. It is an ambitious and complete document of over 40 pages, and introduces “The BIT Sindri University Bill 2016” whereby BIT Sindri would become BIT Sindri University, with full Autonomy.IAS Ajay K Singh, an IIT Delhi graduate, has the primary responsibility of moving the papers, ordered by the Chief Minister in our meeting on Nov 19, 2015. The Jharkhand Govt also wants to move on recently approved Technical University whose plans intersect with ours, and we may have to settle for something less while still securing Autonomy.We will follow up with phone calls. Stay tuned.Happy New Year!Neil Pundit