Dear Senior Alumni,_x000D_
The “To” list is graduates of Sindri thru 1959. There are so few of you, I salute you, and have talked on phone with each of you (except Chauthmal Gupta whose son in NJ answered). I wish to accomplish a few things with this email:_x000D_
1. We have a nice website now,, where we will post shortly our alumni list totaling about 570. One of the latest addition is Hesamuddin Ahmad 1957 EE in Canada, through the help of Ravi Kapoor Bhai in NYC, and Yawar Yunus Bhai 1958 ME in India. I am attaching this Seniors list in North America for you to communicate within yourselves, our precious seniors. Tell me if I am missing any._x000D_
I am also attaching our Alumni Calendar listing Alumni Meetings in major metropolitan areas. Please attend as many as you can to inspire us. And, stay tuned with our website for upcoming developments. [The next meeting is on March 15 in Boston. I attend each one.]_x000D_
2. LIFE MEMBER: Only a few of you are not LIFE MEMBER by now. Please avail of the discounted rate of US$300. _x000D_
3. Plight of Alma Mater: While the infrastructure as a whole in its dilapidated condition needs attention we are embarking upon just fixing the toilets in the department buildings, starting with the Metallurgy Dept. The current student population is around 3,000, 10% of them are girls. Nonfunctioning girl toilets is a shameful condition. We have started collecting for Toilets Renovation for which Dr Yogendra Chadda Bhai and Dr Jagannath Giri Bhai have contributed $200 each. Dr Anil Singh 1964 MET has undertaken to make up the difference for one girl toilet in Metallurgy Dept. Please give generously. Donations are tax deductible in the US. You can use the DONATE button on our website for paying by Paypal or credit card, OR send your check to me (address above) payable to BITSAA of NA._x000D_
4. BIT Sindri Association INTERNATIONAL – Enlisting all stakeholders (students, faculty, and alumni all over the world) we have initiated an umbrella organization to compel the govt to uplift BIT Sindri with a measurable set of progress milestones. I will be in India to push this, meeting with leaders in Sindri, Ranchi, and Delhi. I need your support._x000D_
Neil Pundit