To: BIT Sindri Alumni worldwide. July 16, 2015._x000D_
Subject: Toilet Renovation at SindriOur Alumni Association of North America is funding the Toilet Renovation for all 5 girls’ hostels. But we can NOT start without a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE (NOC) from the state govt (Dept of Sc&Tech). My request to Principal Secretary remains unanswered. I now understand that there is a new officer in place. So, here is my pained assessment:- The state govts of Bihar then Jharkhand through their benign but sustaining neglect have brought shame to us alumni worldwide. This premier institution, precursor to, and envy of the IITs, is becoming a laughing stock!- There may be plenty of money in the state treasury but the ability to spend is lacking.- The Jharkhand state govt should jump at the opportunity of FREE Toilet Renovation rather than sitting on our request for NOC.- The Modi Govt is rightfully emphasizing sanitation. The word has not reached the bureaucrats in Ranchi!- Can anybody help us??- Why is Press silent?PLEASE HELP.There must be somebody who can snap his/her finger to stir the state govt to let the North America Alumni Association pay for the much-needed Toilet Renovation at the Sindri campus!_x000D_
Neil Pundit, PhD, 1961 Telecom_x000D_
President, BIT Sindri Alumni Association of North America_x000D_
pundit at ieee dot org_x000D_
PS: Students, faculty, and alumni should DEMAND ACTION!_x000D_
PRESS should take notice.