Matching Offer for Public Toilet_x000D_
We now have experience building some 50 toilets. You can engage our tested contractors or engage your own contractor. We do not advise Sulabh International as they are expensive. We now recommend the following tested configurations:_x000D_
A. No electricity, 3 Toilets, one bath, hand pump: Rs 2.5 lakhs (US$4K)_x000D_
B. With electricity, 3 flushable Toilets, one bath, one wash basin, overhead tank, electric pump, and hand pump: Rs 3.5 lakhs (US$5.4K)_x000D_
C. With electricity, 5 flushable Toilets, 2 baths, 2 wash basins, overhead tank, electric pump, and hand pump: Rs 6 lakhs (US$9.3K)_x000D_
[Exchange rate used: 1 US$=Rs65]_x000D_
Through the generosity of Dr Krishna Pal Singh (1967 ME), the Association ( BITSAA of NA) invites Applications from our Alumni who are interested in building and maintaining Public Toilets in Bihar or Jharkhand. The Foundation pays 50% of the cost of building the facility and 2 years of maintenance. You may contribute the remainder to the Association, tax advantage for US taxpayers. You may seek donation from the landowner and users. The Association’s goal is to encourage and support our charitable alumni to help alleviate the woeful sanitation conditions in much of Bihar and Jharkhand. The process is simple as follows: _x000D_
1. Applicants would undergo a screening process to insure that the project will have an excellent likelihood of success. This process will require the applicant to fill out a questionnaire. Screened applicants will then complete a simple application. A committee of alumni will process the completed application, seek additional information as needed, and decide. With your share of pre-payment, Approval would be the Associations’s commitment to complete the project after your share._x000D_
2. The Approved applicants would contribute their share upfront to the Association._x000D_
[Approved applicants engaging their own contractor will get the project completed with payments from the Association. ]_x000D_
3. The continuing expense of maintenance through the useful life of the public toilet will be your responsibility._x000D_
4. To apply, prequalify yourself (see below), provide needed details, and email to:
SAMPLE PRE-QUALIFICATION QUESTIONS: (“YES” response to every question would be essential for the application to proceed to the next stage. The applicant may be one person or several persons making a joint commitment to a specific project.)_x000D_
 i. Are you proposing Public Toilet in Bihar or Jharkhand with at least 3 toilets?_x000D_
ii. Do you have written permission from the land owner(s) or the appropriate authorized institution like Municipality or Panchayat? _x000D_
iii. If any legal issue arises before or during or after the construction, you will address the matter, and the Association would have no liability? Do you agree?_x000D_
iv. You can engage your own contractor or utilize our tested contractor.  Do you agree?