From: Neil Pundit _x000D_
Date: Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 12:06 AM_x000D_
Subject: URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Toilets_x000D_
To: Prof Dr Girijesh Kumar , Prof Dr Utpal K Dey _x000D_
Cc: Dr Krishna Pal SinghFrom:_x000D_
Neil Dwivedi Pundit, PhD, 1961 TC_x000D_
President, BITSAA of North America_x000D_
1354 Plumosa Way_x000D_
Weston, FL 33327_x000D_
H: 505-821-3295_x000D_
M: 505-379-1901_x000D_
Dear Dr Girijesh Kumar and Director Dey,_x000D_
We are offering to repair or rebuild all toilets at BIT Sindri in all buildings, all hostels, and Alumni House. We would like to see a process for competitive bidding, selection of the best bidder, and the work completed as soon as possible._x000D_
Please act on this offer expediently._x000D_
Neil Pundit_x000D_
PS: I am trying to call Prof Kumar to convey our urgency.