GradUS:   A  Unique Service  CompanyGradUS is a NY-based company founded by Dr. Sharma, who recently retired after a long academic career of 50 years in USA, first as an international student completing his Ph. D. with a straight 4.0 GPA from NYU, then as a faculty (rising to the rank of Full Professor, now Professor Emeritus)  and academic administrator(Dean, Divisional Chairperson, and Graduate Director) .He has served at City College, part of the City University of New York; Moorhead State University, part of Minnesota State University System; and Marist College located in Hudson Valley, New York. While at Marist, he received two Fulbright awards in Information Technology area( Senior Specialist and Scholar), and was selected to serve on the prestigious Fulbright Specialist Peer Review Committee. While availing these awards, he served at Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune, India  as well as at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal.FUNCTIONS:RecruitmentFirst and foremost, GradUS is primarily a recruitment company matching qualified international students to a select group of ranked institutions of higher learning in USA, which is interested in promoting diversity by creating a multi-cultural , multi-national, and multi-ethnic campus.During the last 20 years of his working career at Marist College, he successfully conducted for the Graduate Programs in the School of Computer Science and Mathematics  an international recruitment program which took him to India and Nepal twice every year. In the last year of his service, 166 international students enrolled in the two graduate programs at Marist College.PartnershipA secondary focus of the company is to facilitate academic partnership between interested institutions in USA and institution in India and Nepal. Dr. Sharma, while at Marist College, personally worked out the detail of several partnership schemes, such as 2+2, 2+3, 1-year accelerated graduate degree, Full US degree offered on partner campus, faculty exchange and others, and helped in MOUs being signed.STAKE HOLDERSGradUS envisages 4 main groups to work with: US institution partners, Foreign institution partners,Counsellors/ Recruitment Agencies in US and Abroad  partners, andInternational Students (Gradus charges no fees from students)MANAGEMENTGradUS is a family-run business. For more information, visit www.gradusglobal.comB.I.T CONNECTION   Dr. Sharma obtained his BS degree in Electrical Engineering from B.I.T , Sindri and sunsequently taught at B.I.T for 6 years (1060-66) in EE department.He is very interested in helping B.I.T graduates meet their goal of getting Higher Education in USA from recognized institutions of Higher Learning.CONTACT US:, +1 845 337 4623