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Directors Raj Dubey. Bharat Sahay. Dilip Gupta. and Alka Srivastava were unable to attend. Some of them had advised us earlier. Dr Chadda was absent probably because he is on his India trip. Uttara Sahaym was present. 
Referring to the AGENDA sent out by me. here is the summary of deliberations and actions:
– Minutes of the last meeting of Sept 10. 2013 was approved.
1. Corporate Resolution to open a Fidelity Brokerage Account was approved unanimously. Divy will complete her part of the form in consultation with her employer. She would also need to do the signature document.
2. TRAVEL GRANT. as proposed by Neil was approved unanimously. Ramesh mentioned that he would seek candidates from all possible sources including the regional directors.
3. The Advisory Board slate as proposed by Dr Chadda was approved unanimously. The absentee directors have communicated their approval by email to me separately. [I will communicate with the Advisory Board. and copy the BOD.]
a. Getting to 1000: Arunima discussed a well thought out plan of multi level marketing and sales which she would refine with promotion materials. Uttara mentioned her own initiative of contacting alumni friends in Seattle area and beyond.
b. Future Regional Meetings: In absence of Bharat. Dilip. and Raj. this matter will be taken up at the next meeting. However. Neil mentioned that he has suggested to Bharat to consider Niagara Falls and to invite Canadian alumni in Ontario. working with Raj. Arunima mentioned a possibility of Chicago area for her next planning.
UPDATES: All the items were briefly covered. some thru prior emails. Neil provided additional details of the Autonomy documents approved by the Jharkhand government in 2010 but not acted upon fully yet. Neil. Yogi. and Surendra Chadda will try to nudge them in their November visit to Sindri. Neil may have to extend his trip as he has been invited to meet with the Government officers in Ranchi.
A discussion initiated by Ramesh to provide simple mechanisms on the website for payments (for Membership Fee. Event. Donation) concluded with Naresh taking the Action to investigate and report at the next meeting. 
NEXT TELECON: Oct 29. to be presided by Arunima ( as I will be in India).
No new business. and we adjourned at about 11:40 pm ET.

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