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Teleconferencing on FRIDAY. JUNE 28 at 9.30 P.M.Please see the minutes of teleconference of June 28. 2013. below embed with agenda items.
The following are the items on the agenda; after hi-hello (5 min) please watch your time:
Present: Amar Mishra (P/T). Ranjit Sinha (P/T). Indra Jha. Dr. Chadda. Dr. Neil Pundit. Kirti Prasad. Divy Raj
Updates: (20 min.)
1. Progress on Env studies talks ? – Ranjit …5 min
Ranjit stated: Nothing much has been done.
Dr. Chadda stated: He is in touch with all parties concerned. The BIT Director was away and he had responded that an invitation to Dr. Burak of Manitoba Univ. to visit BIT would be sent as soon as he would go back; there had been State Govt. Bureaucracy in play for the delay. He assured that he would make arrangements for Dr. Burak to stay in Dhanbad and he would personally see to his comfortable stay there. Also. Dr. Chadda has been in touch with Alumni Bidhu S. Jha and Bidhu has all the updates.
2.Legal Status BITSAA ? – Neil … 1 min
Neil Pundit stated that the attorney had informed him that IRS had our application and tax-exempt status would come in due course.
3. What we can do for BIT ? – view points by Dr. Chadda … 5 min
Dr Chadda stated that BIT has presently been enrolling 3000 students wit a meager 67 professors and among them there are only a handful P.h. D. He suggested to raise funds to the tune of 1 million dollars to award scholarships for deserving teachers to pursue doctoral programs.
Indra Jha said that BIT alumni should work on a program of Individual and/or group programs where we can participate on regular basis and engage and  impart some personal experience & professional knowledge to students so they get exposure to the engineering practices and thus. help them go a notch up in their preparation for entering the professional career.
Neil Pundit commented that similar to what Indra said. he has been hearing from a lot of alumni. By scholarships. we help a very small number of students; where as this type of individual/group participation benefits a much larger group of students; and. over some years. this would raise the character and personality of these students and the standards of Institutional Education gets elevated.
It was a consensus that we should embark on such participation. Dr. Chadda was asked to outline such program so we can develop from there and firm up the program for regular participation.
3 a — DO….. other opinions …. 9 min.  … see above …
1.  Responsibilities for audio-visuals – introduce Divy Raj  by Neil …5 min
Neil had high impression of this alumni and he said them well … Divy Raj a 91 graduate. is one good discovery… she is interested and seems to have an eagerness to participate. She would help Ranjit in managing the annual meet on July 27. She talked of managing registration desk and banners for the occasion. She also knows that a little pomp ans show should go along the professional image that we wish to bring out.
2. Progress in Alumni Contacts; Head count – Amar/Neil … 3 min
The head count as presented by Neil Pundit is 79 confirmed and 27 probable participants expected. It is some number beyond our expectation. Credit should go to this AdHoc committee who vowed rejuvination of BITSAA. but special mention goes to Dr Neil Pundit.
3. Guests needing rides and accomodation and volunteers . Ranjit …. 5 min
Not needed here in the US. and not needed in this age of internet and websites. But we should have the help available if somebody needs some particular information.
3a. … DO…. Overall Discussions 17 min.
Indra Jha said that he was not impressed with Crown of India hospitality; it was very mediocre! We want some class with some pomp and show and the venue should exude some professional image. Welcome. registration desk. program – pamphlet. a nice banquet … and all! We discussed all these and we concluded it is a little too late now; so leave it to beaver i.e. Ranjit and… . and Divy!
BITSSA Structure(30 min)
1. Membership/Life member contribution – Neil & Indra — 10 min.
A lot of back & forth … Indra Jha and Neil Pundit are still debating over the issue…. a lot was said … and concluded that a life membership fee of $300 from 1950-graduates. $600 from 1960 & 1970 graduates and $900 caps for all the rest may be adopted. Neil wants to do it on ascending scale. Questions were raised to qualify a life membership. a value statement for becoming a life member etc. etc. came up in the discussion. Divy Raj. a 91 graduate wondered if there was any good purpose for raising funds with life membership. Alumni give $50 quite willingly as annual dues …SO THE ISSUE WAS NOT RESOLVED; NOR IT WAS SLATED FOR URGENT RESOLUTION. Dr. Chadda would find a way to come up through recommendation of a small and young committee.
2. Office Bearers 2013-14-15 – Dr Chadda & Neil – general participation —- 10 min
We should come up with a list of candidates for Board of Directors by the next Telecon of July 19. The nomination should be from among willing-to-participate candidates who have both willingness and time for participation.
3. Regional Directors – view points by Indra …. 5 min
Indra Jha strongly recommended nominating regional directors; you have to have ambassadors in each region to hold Alumni banners. do couple of get togethers in the name and under Alumni banners. It gives these people away in remote places. a feeling of ownership and participation. Neil pointed out if it is a good time when we are just re-organizing our Alumni; can we not wait for a year or two? Indra Jha argued that it is not early in its timing; rather it is overdue if you wanted to expand! … well. we will see…
4. Gen Discussions to continue .. 5 min
In our next Telecon on July 19. we have two – only two items on agenda … (1) Discuss List Of Candidates for Board of directors … (2) Reviews of preparation for Annual meeting next week on July 27.
It was lively; thanks and good night … we said good bye until next time.

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