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BOD and ADVBD meeting started on Nov 4th at 9:30pmAttendees: Ramesh. Neil. Naresh. Raj. Alka. Divy. Anil (ADVBD). Uttara (ADVBD)1.      Earlier Meeting Minutes approved froma.      Telecon meet July 15th. July 22ndb.      Annual meet July 26thc.      West Coast meet Sept 7thd.      Chicago Meet Sept 20the.      Niagra meet Sept 21stf.        Atlanta meet Oct 11th2.      Proposed date for 2015 annual meet in Bay area – tentative date August 15th. East Coast Regional Meet on July 25th in NJ.3.      Action items from Atlanta meet – Atlanta team wants to know what North America chapter of BITSAA is doing. Our website has all the meeting minutes published; Alka will be circulating them to the Atlanta regional group making it a PUSH communication rather than PULL communication. which team Atlanta is finding a bit tedious job while stay connected with the BIT Sindri Alumni Association.4.      Alka also confirmed about LinkedIn consolidation being done for NA; link to join the LinkedIn group is: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/BIT-Sindri-Alumni-Association-North-4689734?gid=4689734&mostPopular=&trk=tyah&trkInfo=idx%3A1-4-4%2CtarId%3A1415239234198%2Ctas%3Asindri5.      Facebook consolidation for global Alumni of BIT Sindri; link to join the facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BITSAA/.6.      Money in Scholarship Fund is intact; list of these scholarship recipients is available. However some scholarships are combined together. without proper notification to the donors which did not meet the donor’s original intent. This resulted in missing recognition part of the scholarship. but not the actual scholarship amount was ever missing. Involvement of BITSAA mother chapter is still on debate. we could not come to a conclusion. because of the time constraint. Resolution proposed so far:a.      Disbursement of Scholarship Money (by Mother Chapter?)b.      Recognition has to be there. we can not consolidate the Scholarshipsc.      Management of Scholarships – BITSAA NA can delegate the disbursement piece and manage the Scholarships by performing an audit on the same.7.      Worldwide Alumni Meeting will take place in Sindri on Nov 23rd & Golden Jubilee of 1964 Graduates on Nov 22nd. Anil Singh will be joining and representing NA chapter of BIT Sindri Alumni Association. He will be addressing the students talk about some of the challenges students are facing and their possible solution. He will be visiting the hostels to see the girls security in place. talk to warden. talk about some short term solution. He will also try get a first hand information on the status of progress of building the toilets. which currently is on hold as the 2/3 of the money was asked for the bribe. before the project gets started.8.      Neil mentioned that the action Items are on hold due to lack of stable elected Government. Anil Sir to explore during his Annual meet trip to India :a.      What can we (NA BITSAA) do to enhance the Recruitment of Facultyb.      Infrastructurec.      Safety and Security of girl studentsd.      Wifi for all the buildings as well as Hostels9.      Effort to connect with other chapters all over India .10.  Fist phase of Toilet project already started in the Home Town of Dr Krishna Pal Singh. some issues have come-up; however Sree Sharma is waiting on first successful installation and then it can be generalized for future projects.11.  Our next meeting will take place on Nov 25th – we will mainly focus on strategy to increase the number of our members.12.  There will ne no meeting in December. enjoy the Holiday time.13.  Jan meeting will take place on 28th – this will be devoted to Scholarship discussion only.

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