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Meeting MinutesBhavani and Nagesh. Prakash and Kanchan Chandra. Ajeet and Lekha Das. Vineeta and Sanjay Gupta. Vipul and Rajani Sinha. Alka and Neeraj Verma1. What is the goal of Alumni Association towards both Alma Mater and Alumni Association in US. It would be nice to see the bullet point first. Each goal can have details in it with group assigned. We do not need to have lots of goal in starting. we can start with one small goal for each and track the progress.  ATL Chapter is willing to take over one small goal in either of the above two. They are willing to take the leadership of this goal.
2. They are looking forward for communication from associations. for each regional meeting. A Brief meeting of each meeting. What was discussed and what was the outcome of the meeting. This can be distributed to each region through the Regional Directors.
3. There was a big discussion of the projects to be accomplished in Alma Mater. It was discussed that it will be very helpful. if we have a small group in college. may be group of students. (From first year to fourth year). Third year student being the president of this group. Some kind of awards/scholarships to this student. This group works directly with the Alumni Association for getting requirements or developments of these Alma Mater projects.
4. One Year book (Hard Copy) for Alumni Association to be mailed to Alumni. Some one who does not have time to read emails. but will be nice to have year book.a. Details about each regional groups meeting and outcomes.
b. Achievements done by assoications for Alma Mater and Alumni. and their progress.
c. Alumnis who have exceled in their career.
d. Pics of Alumni Meets.

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