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We did have our telecon meeting on May 27. 2014. starting at 9:30pm ET. with the following present: Arunima. Neil. Alka. Divy. Naresh. and Bharat (joining late).o Minutes of the meeting of April 29. 2014 were approved.o We skipped the Updates – I will cover these in email.o Planning for July 26 Meeting: Divy mentioned that there would be a Registration Desk. and name tag and handout material. Neil mentioned that all speakers have accepted. Krishna Pal Singh insists that we have a Panel Discussion with pre-screened presentation. Here is a summary of all speakers:Dr Kris Singh (67 ME) – Local Chair. would be late. He will do 8 slides on reactor update.Dr Jagannath Giri (57 ME) will give a keynote talk based on his just published Autobiography with Lessons Learned.Dr Raj Dubey (61 CE. on our BOD) will give a keynote talk on Deep Breathing & Meditation.This would be an updated version of his invited talk to Chinmaya Mission India last year.Dr Onkar Sharma (59EE) would be the Moderator for the Panel Discussion on What Do We Want the Govt to Do?. with Dr A K Pandey. IAS. as one of the Panelists. Other Panelists TBD.The Panelists will be selected based on the material they submit.Dr Anil Singh ( 64 MET) will Moderate the Usual Reports and Updates. which will be much abbreviated this year. This would also include a few pre-screened what’s on your mind.Ramesh Yadava will summarize Alumni suggestions from the west coast meeting in Sept 2014.Website Update: Naresh led us thru the new website. registration process. etc. He was asked to simplify the authentication process.Adjournment: We adjourned at 10:20pm ET.Next regularly scheduled Meeting is on June 24. 2014. starting at 9:30pm ET.

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