Friends, _x000D_
On the evening of Nov 21, some 10 faculty members were waiting for me at the entrance of the Alumni House at BIT Sindri to raise their concerns with the news headlines of BIT Sindri getting Autonomy. Prof Dr Raj Dubey, from U of Waterloo, Canada, and I, met with them for over an hour, listened to their fears, based on reported adversities at some institutions in connection with Autonomy. The feeling expressed was that of fear of losing their job, seniority, promotion prospects, retirement, and pension. They also expressed fear for students in rising fees and expenses. Their feelings were intense, and their ability to listen was markedly reduced. We listened very attentively, tried to assure them that no harm should come to them or the students.I took the action item to look into the matter deeply, and share my findings. I have completed my study and I wish to assure current staff, faculty, and students the following:_x000D_
1. If and when autonomy is granted to BIT Sindri, the institution would remain fully funded by the Jharkhand state govt. The autonomy would be exercised by the Board of Governors for academic excellence, faculty appointments and their continued training, on the model of prevalent provisions at the IITs and the NITs._x000D_
2. Current faculty would be given ample opportunity and time to choose between their continuing provisions of employment or opt for the new service provisions under autonomy._x000D_
3. The state of Jharkhand is fully aware of the affordability of the prospective students of the state, and would continue to control the fees and expenses accordingly._x000D_
4. We have an excellent example in the transformation of the Delhi Institute of Technology into the Netaji Subhas Inst of Technology (NSIT). The person responsible for such a grand success in transformation is my friend Dr B N Mishra, currently Chairman of the Board of the NSIT, who has undertaken to draft the necessary documents._x000D_
I will continue to be on top of the developments, and assure you of continuation of your current benefits, and offer you the opportunity to choose for the better._x000D_
You will be briefed on the progress and we will have sessions to keep you informed and involved with the progress._x000D_
We need you, and we respect your rights._x000D_
Neil Pundit, 1961 TC_x000D_
President, BITSAA of NA, and the BITS Association International.