October 03, 2016, A Few Brief Notes:1. Please put your profile on LinkedIn, identify your school as “BIT Sindri”, and it would show the logo. Any expansion creates confusion, and so does the university affiliation.2. There are unrepresented alumni in good numbers all around the globe with concentrations in Mid-East (Dubai), Asia (Singapore), Europe ( London), and Australia & NZ (Sydney/Melbourne). The first ever INTERNATIONAL MEET is being held in Delhi Nov 26-27, 2016. The International Meets will be held in a different continent each year. We want to see significant numbers of alumni from unrepresented regions.Pointers at www.BITSindriInternational.org3. Distinguished Alumni and Rising Star Recognitions are now uniformly available to Alumni worldwide. Alumni in India will be served by the Delhi NCR Chapter; North America by the North America Chapter; and rest of the world by the BITSA International.4. Master plan of Rs 150+ crores is being implemented, aimed at uplifting on the model of IIT Kharagpur in 3 years. Director position and 23 Professor positions are advertised.5. I will be in India in November 2016. My purposes: Encouraging Public Toilets with Matching Funding; Annual Meet at Sindri; Meeting CM, Ministers, and IAS Officers in Ranchi; and the International Meet in Delhi on Nov 26-27. And, of course, pushing Autonomy under the tentative name of BIT Sindri University.A number of us from US and Canada will be there including: Prof Dr Raj Dubey from Canada, Bidhu Jha, ex-MLA from Canada, Dr S Rao Ponamgi from US, Divyanshu Raj from US, and some more.Stay tuned, and join in the uplifting movement for the Alma Mater and alumni professionally and socially.Neil Pundit, PhD, 1961 Telecom gradPresident Emeritus, BITSAA of North AmericaPresident, BITSA International