June 7, 2017Dear BITS friends and family,_x000D_
Since 1953, BIT Sindri has been ushering engineers to the globe. During the last 64 years with the class_x000D_
graduating now, our alumni are spread all over the world and they are doing exceptionally well in_x000D_
whatever field they chose to work. Our accomplishments are acknowledged internationally. To rejoice in:_x000D_
– alumni glory, share experiences, vision, thought, and affection; and to_x000D_
– leverage alumni bond toward Alma Mater, and professional and social networking,_x000D_
we (the Board of Directors of the BITS Association International) announce our_x000D_
2nd International Meet on 11-12 Nov at Dubai:_x000D_
Theme: “BITSAI WORLD CONNECT 2017 “_x000D_
Date: 11-12 November 2017_x000D_
Venue: 33rd Floor, Fortune Tower, JLT Dubai, UAE_x000D_
Nov 11_x000D_
Business: Interactive sessions to share Professional, Entrepreneurship & Business, Experiences & Opportunities_x000D_
Family session for participant ‘s family_x000D_
Open House_x000D_
Nov 12_x000D_
Social: Family Get Together: Family Introduction & interaction with songs, Anecdotes, Games, Gifts, Shopping Spree to Gold & Spice Souk; Burj Khalifa, Fountain, Mall, Aquarium,_x000D_
We cordially invite you to join BITSAI World Connect 2017 at Dubai on 11-12 Nov 2017_x000D_
To facilitate our making arrangement for the Meet, we request you to please advise by 30 June 2017_x000D_
your intent to join. Please also advise the subject of your participation in Interactive session(s) and family_x000D_
get together. You may respond by email to any one of the Directors of BITSA International noted below._x000D_
Neil Pundit_x000D_
President: Neil Pundit, PhD, pundit@ieee.org, Miami_x000D_
Counsel: Bal Trivedi, Esq, baltrivedi@yahoo.com, Houston_x000D_
VP: Chandrika Prasad, cprasad2009@gmail.com, Delhi_x000D_
Secretary: Raj Dubey, PhD, r4dubey@yahoo.com, Toronto