We are delighted to bring to you BIT Sindri Alumni Association of North America  BITSAANA Quarterly NewsletterIn order to  keep alumni informed of all the updates about  BIT Sindri and the activities of various chapters, the board of BITSAANA recommended to come up with the digital mechanism to achieve this goal by publishing a quarterly newsletter. This newsletter will have column for each of the Alumni Chapters in India and all over the globe._x000D_
This newsletter will report key achievements and progress at the campus, activities of various alumni in the philanthropic area, success stories of alumni rising high in the corporate ladder, Success of Children and grandchildren of alumni. It will also give the calendar of events at campus and various alumni chapters._x000D_
The newsletter encourages and invites all the alumni, staff at campus, and President’s of all alumni chapters to write their column for the newsletter._x000D_
We will be very delighted to hear your comments , What else you would like us to include and how can we make it better. We would love to have our fellow alumni take on the lead to make this newsletter better and better.