Written by Dr Neil Pundit———————————Shri Bal Trivedi’s $3K check was deposited into the Fidelity account of BITSAA of NA,Wednesday, Oct 12. Thank you for your generosity. The entire amount is tax-deductible for US taxpayers.Trivedi family is immortalized on the white granite signboard in the High School complex in Balwa Kuari. I believe you have been sent a photograph of the Public Toilet facility.I am personally grateful to you for this donation augmenting my personal contribution to qualify for matching gift by brother Kris Singh. This High School serves a large area geographically. I was walking to my high school in Hajipur on the Gandak River, 4 miles each way, 6 days a week because my parents disallowed the use of our shiny bikes, unaffordable by other parents. Had this high school been there, it would have been a 10 minute walk.Regards,Neil Pundit