As a US taxpayer 70.5 + years in age*, you have a rare opportunity to make tax-free contribution from your retirement assets for up to $100K per year to a qualified charitable organization. This provision was made permanent last year. Our Association is a fully qualified 501 (c)(3) public charity organization that can avail of the provision. The contribution has to be from your IRA custodian DIRECTLY to the charitable organization. We have a corporate account with the Fidelity Investments to facilitate such transfers.[*If younger you have at least the tax deductibility in the US.]But why should you contribute to our Association at all? What worthy causes? Let me highlight only a few:1. Public Toilets in Bihar and Jharkhand: Dr Krishna Pal Singh (1967 ME) has an ongoing commitment for 50% of the construction cost, and two years of maintenance. The remaining cost is normally the commitment needed from the sponsoring alumni that you can meet by your contribution to the Association preferably tax-free. Open air defecation causes disease and foul odor, and with shrinking land area and increasing population, it is unsustainable. Our website has details but just write to me. We have experience of building over 50 toilets most economically, and we need to build hundreds and thousands.2. Graduate Scholarship for Alumni Child in North America: Throughout the history of our Association, we worked very hard to establish scholarships for students at Sindri. But what about charity at home? Children of North America based Alumni do need our support. We are launching this initiative to aid in the graduate education of our children.3. General Fund (Wherever it is Needed Most): Our unmet cries for funds are many:  student projects at Sindri; projects of various clubs; medical expenses of students or relatives; support for our alumni in dire needs in US and Canada; initial local needs of alumni coming here for higher studies; ..Of our 600 members, only 5% are LIfe Members (currently it costs only $500), our annual member fee of $50 is paid only by the attendees at our major Meets. We are hard pressed to pay for overhead expenses of our meetings. We are totally volunteer-based organization, we do not pay anybody for travel. We are constantly cutting corners and apologizing.You may direct your contribution to a specified cause. But please don’t ignore.Sincerely,Neil Pundit