Honorary Distinguished Alum

Alumni outside of North America, significant for uplifting the Alma Mater. Process and criteria are identical to our members.

  1. Prof. Dr. Utpal K. Dey (1980 Mining) – Academic and administrative excellence leading to his appointment as the Institute Director
  2. Kumar Arun P. Singh (1964 MET) – Leadership in the steel industry in India and Europe, and for his support to alumni worldwide.
  3. Prof. Dr. Priya R. Prasad (1965 MET) – Academic and administrative excellence at BIT Sindri, and his servicesto the alumni worldwide through his website (www.bitsindrialumni.org)
  4. Dr. Ramjee Prasad (1968 E&C) – For his phenomenal contribution in the field of wireless communication and outstanding augmentation to society by supervising and mentoring hundreds of global leaders and innovators.
  5. Dr. DK Singh, Director (1984 Electronics)
  6. Shri Rajendra Choudhary (1977 Mechanical)
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