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Attendees: Ramesh Yadav. Mohammed Zaman. Divy Raj. Neil Pundit. Bharat Sahay. Naresh Sahu. Alka Srivastava. Yogi Chadda1.    Earlier Meeting Minutes from November approved by the board
2.    Scholarships: Ramesh and Bharat sir summarized the scholarship report. A Consolidated list of 66 scholarships is identified. These are already in place since 2011 called NA scholarships. A full report was earlier distributed by Ramesh sir. Continue to coordinate with Mother Chapter for the disbursement of the scholarship. In addition to scholarships. we discussed about the various Annual Gift Programs. Motion agreed on authorizing Ramesh and Bharat to complete the report with any unfinished work. A concise version of the report can be uploaded to the website
3.    While West coast regional meetings. Alumni talked about a need of a unanimous appeal or demand for the betterment of Alma mater to the Govt. – may be something like an international body of BIT Sindri Alumni Association. Some of the lingering issues. Govt is not heeding so far are:
a.    Hiring additional (sufficient number) faculty members
b.    Bathroom remodeling
4.    Regional meeting vs Annual meetings: In order to differentiate between various meetings. what shall we call the regional huge meetings like East coast or west coast regional meetings? Quorum agreed on having only one annual meeting.
5.    Next Board meeting is scheduled for 24th February.

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