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Greater Los Angeles Area alumni members had Hoil Feast hosted by Rasmi Kumar (1991 Met) and her husband Manoj at her house in Arcadia. California on February 28. 2015. A total 25 people were in attendance that included ten BITS alumni members . their spouses. children and guests.Rashmi and Manoj were wonderful hosts. and they cooked variety of foods with all the Holi trimmings suchas puaa. malpuaa. goat meat. chicken. karhi-bari. dal. chhole. dahiwada. dhekua. kathal pakore. pulao. kachhori. ice cream. thandahi (no bhang). Indian sweets etc. Everyone had a blast. The sumptuous feast was followed by Antarakshari conducted by Kalika Gupta (91 EE) and her husband Navin. Some photos are attached.Our next get together will be on April 18. 2015. Rajesh Jha (1977 Civil) has invited the members for lunch and dinner. and to watch/view Toyota Gran Prix from his Penthouse in Long Beach. California. All are welcome.In between. the food and Antarakshari. I briefed the alumni members about the our efforts for renovating the washrooms for girls in various department buildings at Sindri as well Ranjit Bhai’s foundation in the memory of their daughter Shini.As regards to the toilet renovation project. members had some concerns that even if we fix/repair the toilets. maintenance/upkeep will be a real problem. Members suggested that after toilets are fixed. the maintenance of these shall be contracted to Sulav Sauchalaya (SS). a company that is active in building and maintaining the toilets in various parts of India. The maintenance money may be generated by charging some nominal user fees that may still need to be supplemented by outside grant. say by BITS NA Association.Members also indicated that unless the present students and staff at BIT really want to have/demand workable/clean toilets. the renovation project would not be successful. So. it is imperative that we somehow wake them up. so they see the need for clean toilets.Our youngest member. Rakesh Kumar (2007 CSE). suggested that we should establish contacts with Rotract/GRS club and Leo Club BIT Sindri. as student members in these clubs are much more socially oriented. and will act favorably if we ask them to bring home to other students the importance of clean toilets. They may even take up the matter with the staff and management at Sindri.Greater LA Holi MEETGreater LA Holi MEETPrevious Slide 3/4 Next

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