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Houston based BIT alumni. under the auspices of BIT Sindri Alumni association of North America (BITSAANA) had an all day meet intended to bring the Houston folks together. Some 15 alumni along with their families participated in this highly celebrated meet. organized on Saturday. October 27. 2018. The event was convened by Mr. Bal C Trivedi. a 1965 Mechanical graduate and held in the highly furnished conference room at the offices of Dr. Shilpa B. Trivedi. daughter of Bal Trivedi.Mr. Ramesh Yadava. the current President who flew in from San Francisco. Bay Area led the opening moments of the Meeting. and BIT Theme song. He moderated the brief introduction of attending alumni. Dr. Neil Pundit. the President emeritus who flew in from Fort Lauderdale. Florida spearheaded the BITSAANA Membership drive as well as a brief introduction of initiative to recognize the Distinguished Alumni within Houston group. Neil also briefed the group on several milestone achievements at the campus. the faculty. the political brass in Jharkhand government and the able leadership of our current Director. Dr. D. K. Singh.During the lunch break. the group enjoyed the gourmet food prepared by Dr. Shilpa Trivedi. in her kitchen with the help of her mother. Ila Trivedi. The food was both tasteful and highly nourishing. After the lunch break. all highly accomplished lady singers (Ms. Hema Verma. Ms. Richa Saxena. and Others) made the occasion very festive with their acclaimed singing of popular songs. The group assembled outside the conference Room for a group photograph. Mr. Syed Javed Shere took some quality photos that are being posted to commemorate our Meet. Shown in the photographs are alumni and their families as follows: Mr. Binay Anand. Mrs.Moushumi Biswas.Mr. Pranesh Biswas and Natasha. Mr. Pravin Gohil and Mrs. Jayshree Gohil. Mr.Shahid Hoda. Mr. Santosh Jha. Mr.Prafull Kumar and Mrs. Madhu Kumar. Mr. Arun Sharma and Mrs. Meena Sharma. Mr.Syed Javed Shere and Mrs. Khalda Shere. Mr.Vishnu Singh and Mrs. Rita Singh. Mr.Vishwanath P. Sinha. Mr.Sanjay Srivastava. Mr. Yusuf Sultan and family. Mr.Bal Trivedi. Mrs. Ila Trivedi. and Ms. Shilpa Trivedi. Mr. Jan Verma. Ms. Hema Verma. Ms. Vidya Wykole. Dr. Neil Pundit. and Mr. Ramesh Yadava.The meeting ended with a great camaraderie and Houston alumni forming a bond that will make many more future Houston Chapter Meets.Picture:

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