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Greater Los Angeles chapter had a holi hangama party on March 4. 2017 at Anju ji and Alakh Singh (1977 Civil) house in Placentia. California. They were very generous hosts. Thirty. including members. spouses and guests joined the party. The youngest one being Archana Jha (2012 CS) with her husband. Ajay Ahuja also came from San Diego. (They just got married a couple of months ago).The party included 2.5 hours of non-stop holi songs from all parts of India including from Braj Bhumi. Awadh. Bhojpur and Mithiia. The songs were very well augmented by harrmonium played by Dr. (Prof) Kamata Rai and another guest Shri Vilas Jadav on tabla. Both of them are our friends. and are regarded as the best nonprofessional singer/performer in Southern California. Dr. Rai sang majority of songs with help from in house singers. Radha Singh. Manisha Vatsa. Archna Jha. Brameshwar Rai. Anju Singh and Alakh Singh.Thanks to our hosts. Anju and Alakh there was food galore including traditional. and holi must like malpua. gujia. goat meat. pakora and dahi bada.  Everybody enjoyed the fun filled evening. and will remember this special hoil blast for yers to come.Happy Holi..Please find the photos at below link.https://goo.gl/photos/xDZ5X1zHuVNVBT789

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