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We are pleased to announce our Alumni Get Togethers in Texas as follows:Feb 22. Sunday. noon to 3pm in Dallas at the Mughlai Restaurant. Private Room. Host is: Jagannath Giri (1957 ME). and I will be coming from Houston possibly with Mohammed Zaman.Children. family. and friends are welcome. Members are expected to pay member fee of $50 annually (or $600 for LIfe). Food cost is estimated at $15 per adult. Children of alumni (of any age) are free. All payments are tax deductible for US residents.PLEDGE by Feb 16 gets you a beautiful coffee mug with BIT Sindri logo.You may use the DONATE button on our website (www.bitsindri.org) to pay through Paypal or credit cards. OR write a check payable to BITSAA of NA. sent to the address above or pledge and present the check at the meeting.AGENDA: Each attendee introduces oneself preferably in 60 seconds; a recap of the situation at Sindri; strengthen alumni bond; share what is high on your mind.We are responding to your preference to meet in smaller groups locally. [We will have large gatherings in NJ area on July 25. and in the San Francisco area on August 15. We had very successful local meetings in Seattle and Los Angeles area in January. a meeting in Fort Lauderdale area on Feb 7. and we have local meetings planned every month at a metropolis in US and Canada.]We look forward to seeing you.

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