Distinguished Alumni in North America

Distinguished Alumni in North America
Approved by the Board of Directors of BITSAA of North America. Listed in the order of seniority.
Communicated by Neil Pundit, President,

Process and Criteria for elevation to Distinguished Alum are described following the listing.

  1. Prof Dr M K Jain, BIT faculty. Emeritus Professor, celebrated Math Teacher and Association supporter.
  2. Prof Dr Yogendra Chadda (1957 ME). President Emeritus of the Association, donor of multiple memorial scholarships, academic researcher, UNESCO scholar, Fulbright Professor.
  3. Prof Dr Jagannath Giri (1957 ME). Researcher in aerospace engineering, author of autobiography depicting struggles of an immigrant.
  4. Dr Ravi N. Kapoor (1958 ME) for multiple engineering innovations in railway sys­tems and electric smelting arc furnaces in India and abroad, deep involvement in pho­tography, sports, singing and service to charities.
  5. Bijoy Chatterjee (1959 EE). Pioneer in development of computing machines and algorithms, Life Fellow IIT Kharagpur, founder of Computer Society of India.
  6. Prof Dr Onkar P Sharma (1959 EE). BIT faculty, Fulbright scholar, academic researcher and research administrator.
  7. Ishwar Lal (1959 PE). Service to the Association and alumni in Canada, initiator of scholarship programs, investment advisor and manager.
  8. Prof Dr Jagdish Prasad (1959 ME) for teaching at BIT, and at MIT Cambridge, and for his professional services in a major US HVAC consulting company as VP of engineering.
  9. Dr Uday K Sinha (1960 MET). Founder of the Association, researcher in superconducting, pioneer of Alumni scholarships.
  10. Dr Chandrika Prasad (1960 ME). Primary Examiner & Evaluator of Patents in the US, and recipient of many awards.
  11. Dr Lakshman P Sinha (1960 EE). Retired research and development professional with significant contributions in large scale systems optimization, and in systems modeling and analysis of network and business problems.
  12. Mohammed B Zaman (1960 ME). For being the class topper of 1960 ME, a founding member of BITS AA of NA Houston Chapter, expert in E&C of oil/gas facilities, and involvement in community organizations.
  13. Prem Gupta (1960 ME). University Gold Medaliat 1960 Mechanical faculty, BIT Sindri teacher, Tool design specialist in India/abroad, Active Core member West Coast Alumni chapter.
  14. Shrawan K Singh (1961 ME). Retired VP of Xerox Corp, a worldwide pioneering institution in document processing and computing.
  15. Dr Neil Dwivedi Pundit (1961 TC) (aka Narendra Prasad Dwivedi). Retired, Pioneer in guidance and control of space vehicles, recipient of 1st Moon and Mars Landing Awards, R&D Executive in AI and Supercomputing.
  16. Prof Dr Raj Dubey (1961 CE). Emeritus Professor, prolific researcher in structures, Yoga teacher, and a founding member of the Association.
  17. Ram Ratan P Sinha (1961 EE). For being a teacher, holder of multiple patents, and technical publications, designer of distribution transformer to withstand short-circuit, amorphous cored transformer and core/coil optimization. 
  18. Vijay K Kapoor (1961 TC). Technologist, then founder and teacher of a Vedanta School in Silicon Valley, an early disciple of Swami Dayananda Saraswati.
  19. Dr S. Rao Ponamgi (1961 TC)( aka P S Rao). Retired researcher in electromagnetic interference in space vehicles; researcher in communication equipment and services.
  20. Dr Ram Nandan P Singh (1961 EE). Researcher in control and optimization of systems (including distributed -parameter systems at MIT Cambridge); positive target identification (US Navy); and US Primary Patent Examiner and Issuer.
  21. Dr Vishwanath P Sinha (1961 EE). Researcher in management of electric power systems. 
  22. Ram Bharos Singh (1961 MET) for his major contribution to US and Indian steel industry, and for being a founding member of and service to the Association.
  23. Kamal Nath Jha (1961 EE). For being a teacher, patent holder, developed an arc fault detection system and a high DC circuit interrupter and recipient of Westinghouse Innovation award. Active member of BITS AA of NA Chapter.
  24. Ranjit Sinha (1962 CHE). Researcher and consultant in environmental engineering, service to the Association as President, Initiator of Environmental  Engineering program at Sindri.
  25. Prof Dr Prahlad Pant (1962 CE). Professor Emeritus, Researcher in intelligent transportation systems, entrepreneur, and founder of PDP Associates.
  26. Bidhu Shekhar Jha (1962 ME). Thrice re-elected, the first Bihar- (Jharkhand-) born MLA in Canada, his glories include: film-producer, poet-writer,  and installing/unveiling statues of Gandhi and Vivekananda in Winnipeg city ( Manitoba’s capital).
  27. Satya Swaroop Taneja (1962 CE). Entrepreneur, founder of Nanak Foods with worldwide distribution, quality control systems innovator in food processing systems.
  28. Bodh Kunwar (1963 EE) for his entrepreneurship, service in the Indian Army, his charitable efforts, and service to the Association.
  29. Shri Shree N. Sharma (1963 CHE) for professional services in copper mining industry, management sciences and financial investments, and philanthropic work.
  30. Prabhat Kumar Sinha (1963 CHE) for being a worldwide specialist in water treatment and management, ex-faculty at BIT Sindri, and for his technical publications and service to the Association.
  31. Dr Anil K Singh (1964 MET). Worldwide Specialist in management of corrosion in petroleum equipments and piping, and service to the Association.
  32. Prof  Dr Basant K. Jayaswal (1964 CHE) for being a long-time Head of the Chemical Engineering at BIT, technical publications, and design and development of a bio-fertilizer pilot plant at Sindri Campus.
  33. Prof Dr Ramesh Chandra (1964 MET) for obtaining 2 PhD degrees, being recipient of 2014 Professor of the Year in Finance award at the University of Windsor, Canada,  and for his service to the Association.
  34. Dr. Jay P.  Narain (1964 ME) for his contributions to aerospace engineering, being a painter and poet (of over 200 poems on love, nature and spiritual topics), and for service to charities.
  35. Braj K. Singh (1964 ME) for his patent, technical papers, book-coauthor-ship on Engineering Thermodynamics, and contributions to safety and health issues in US Department of Energy and the US NRC.
  36. Prof Dr. Indu S. Das (1964 ME) for being faculty at BIT Mesra and Pennsylvania State University, and for his academic research and technical publications.
  37. Prof Dr. Krishna P. Sinha (1964 CE) for being a faculty at Bihar College of Engineering and University of Minnesota, and founding a successful company in UT in geothermal, mining and municipal solid-waste landfills-management.
  38. Bal C. Trivedi (1965 ME). Researcher in management of electric power systems.
  39. Dr. Mahesh C. Jha (1965 MET) for technical contributions including 60 publications and 11 patents while with private companies and DOE, and for community service.
  40. Nilendu Srivastava (1966 ME). Entrepreneur, holder of many patents, founder of a Robotics co., a Past President of the Association.
  41. Dr Raman Daga (1966 MET).  Entrepreneur, systems researcher, and founder of Metadyne Co, USA.
  42. Dr Krishna Pal Singh (1967 ME). Researcher and entrepreneur in ultra-safe nuclear power systems, founder of Holtec International, philanthropist, and a Trustee of UPenn.
  43. Prof Ravi Sahay (1967 EE). Educator, consultant, innovator (holder of many patents) and author/speaker on healthcare.
  44. Sudhin Mishra (1967 EC). For being entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Logic++ Inc., and CoParallels Inc. for developing Real–Time embedded systems for office automation and Precision Farming.
  45. Ramesh Yadava (1971 EE). Entrepreneur in magnetic storage systems, founder of corporations, a Regional VP and west coast leader in service to the Association.
  46. Alakh Singh (1976 CE) for being an Entrepreneur and owner of a successful civil and structural company, a founding member of Los Angeles Chapter, and for his services to the Association.
  47. Rajesh Chandra Jha (1977 CE) for his professional services to California freeway system, and for being a founding member of Los Angeles Chapter and for his services to the Association.
  48. Dr. Uma Shanker Jha (1977 E&C). Globally recognized expert in terrestrial and satellite communication, holder of 20 patents, numerous technical publications and a book author. Founding member of BITS AA of NA Los Angeles Chapter.
  49. Shyam Chaudhary (1981 EE). For being entrepreneur in diversified fields such as IT start-ups, restaurant and automotive, and cofounding the West Coast Alumni chapter and services to the Association.
  50. Shailendra K. Suman (1985 ME) for Innovations such as Gas Watch and SmartCharge LED light bulb; and being Winner of 2014 North Carolina Governor Patrick McCrory International Entrepreneur Award.
  51. Divyanshu Raj (1991 MET) for her contributions to finance industry and quality beyond six-sigma black belt, and for her services to numerous charitable causes and the Association.
  52. Arunima Thakur (1991 EC) for her pioneering work in manufacturing including standards, architecture, quality, controls, and integration of lean techniques to digital manufacturing, and her service to the Association.  
  53. Meher Afroz (1992 CS) for being Chief of Staff for Microsoft, for excellence in general management, product innovation, quality expertise beyond Six-sigma black belt, and her service to charitable causes.
  54. Anand K. Mishra (1993 ME) for being Technology Leader in high risk complex global projects and programs,  and a  founding member of Los Angeles Chapter and for his service to the Association.
  55. Prof Dr Sandeep Kumar (1994 CHE) for being recipient of National Science Foundation’s CAREER award, for  academic excellence, and for service to charitable causes.
  56. Prof Dr Subodha Kumar (1994 ME) for being an endowed Professor (Carol and G. David Van Houten, Jr.’71) at Texas A&M University and for research and publications in Information and Operations Management.
  57. Shabab Shams (1994 EC) for community services for seniors and adults in Sacramento County, California, and cofounding West Coast Alumni chapter, and services to the Association.
  58. Ashutosh Dutt (1989 Production), Toronto, Canada
  59. Anupama Srivastava (1995 Electrical), Bay Area
  60. Sashi Bubna (1965 Mechanical), Bay Area
  61. Dr. Sadhana Prasad (Partner), Daughter Dr. T. Prasad, Canada
  62. Rajesh Ranjan(1996 Mechanical), Canada



DISTINGUISHED ALUM: Process & Criteria

Elevation to Distinguished Alum status is through a nomination process, evaluation and recommendation, and final approval by the Board of Directors of the Association.
Any member may nominate. Endorsement by a Distinguished Member or by a past President is highly desirable but not necessary. The nomination must be addressed to the Chair of the ADVBD or the President. Evaluation is done by the Advisory Board which sums up its recommendation to the BOD which makes the final decision. Chair of the ADVBD works with the Nominator to seek additional information as needed, and conveys the BOD decision to the Nominator. For approved nominees the Chair of the ADVBD seeks a citation of 25 words or less from the nominator and/or the nominee. The criteria include: accomplishments beyond normal performance of duty in academic or professional fields; and service or contributions to charitable causes including the Association, and the Alma Mater. The Distinguished Alum is honored by a  certificate, and listed on the website.
Note: The Chair of the ADVBD may be contacted for a fuller description of the process and the criteria.

Elected Directors

Elected Directors (BOD):
 Abbreviations in parenthesis following the last name designate Distinguished Alum by D, and Life Member by L

  1. Anil Singh (D, L), (1964 MET) President, Pasadena, CA
  2. Divyanshu Raj (D, L) (1991 MET) Vice President, New Jersey
  3. Alka Singh (D, L) (1991 EC) Secretary Boston, MA
  4. Anil Kumar (L) (1967 ME) Treasurer, New Jersey
  5. Prabhat K Sinha (D, L), (1963 CHE) Washington DC
  6. Niraj Kumar (L) (1978 Civil) DC/Maryland
  7. Ashok Singh () (1985 Prod) Dallas TX
  8. Pranav Nidhi (D, L) (1987 Elec) Canada
  9. Arunima Thakur (D) (1991 Elec) Detroit MI
  10. Abhishek Rala (L) (1992 ECE) Bay Area, CA
  11. Mamta Sharma () (1995 Prod) Chicago, IL
  12. Sandeep Kumar (D, L) (1994 CHE) Virginia
  13. Chandan Kumar (D, L) (2015 Comp Sc) Iowa
  14. Rajeev Ranjan ()
  15. Archana Jha (2012 Comp Sc) San Diego, CA

President Emeritus:

1. Neil D Pundit (D, L), (1961 TC), Weston, FL


If you need, the Name, Address, Phone number, Email address  of any one or all of them, please contact us using our contact us form.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board (ADVBD), appointed by the BOD:

  1. Dr Uma S Jha (D, L), (1977 EC), Chair, Irvine, CA
  2. Dr Onkar P Sharma (D, L), (1959 EE), Vice-Chair, Poughkeepsie, NY
  3. Dr Prahlad Pant (D, L), (1962 ME),  Atlanta, GA
  4. Shailendra Suman (D), (1985 ME), Charlotte, NC
  5. Dr Sandeep Kumar (D), (1994 CHE), Secretary, Norfolk, VA


Life Members

The Life Members have a vested interest in well being of the Association, and they strengthen the alumni bond for the betterment of our Alma Mater, and  alumni networking. Many serve on the BOD, ADVBD, and in other positions.
[Life Membership is obtainable through a lump sum contribution of US$500, tax deductible in the US. Seniors, graduates thru 1959, enjoy a 50% discount.]
Listed in alphabetical order of the last name:

  1. Prof Dr M K Jain (D, L), ex-faculty, ( Late wife Chandra), in Brentwood, TN
  2. Prof Dr Yogendra Chadda (D, L), (1957 ME), exPresident, wife Dalbir, in Middletown, DE
  3. Prof Dr Jagannath Giri (D, L), (1957 ME), wife Radha, in Dallas, TX
  4. Dr Ravi N Kapoor, (D, L) (1958 ME), wife Andrea, in New York City, NY
  5. Bijoy G Chatterjee (D, L), (1959 EE), wife Joya, in Los Gatos, CA
  6. Dr N K Gopalaswamy (L), (1959 ME), wife Padma, in Cumming (near Atlanta), GA
  7. Prof Dr Onkar P Sharma (D, L), (1959 EE), wife Urmila, in Poughkeepsie, NY
  8. Dr Uday K Sinha (D, L), (1960 MET), founder and exPresident, wife Geeta, in Plantation, FL
  9. Mohammed Zaman (D, L), (1960 ME), wife Shahnaz, in Houston, TX 
  10. Prof Dr Raj Dubey (D, L), (1961 CE), wife Shanta, in Waterloo, Canada
  11. Kamal Nath Jha (D, L), (1961 EE), Late wife Malti, in Anaheim, CA
  12. Vijay K Kapoor (D, L), (1961 TC), wife Pamela, in Las Altos Hills, CA
  13. Dr Satyanarayana  Rao Ponamgi (D, L), (1961 TC), wife Kanti, in Pembroke Pines, FL
  14. Dr Neil Dwivedi Pundit (D, L), (1961 TC), President Emeritus, in Weston, FL
  15. Dr Ram Nandan P Singh (D, L), (1961 EE), wife Anuradha, in Vienna, VA
  16. Shrawan K Singh (D, L), (1961 ME), wife Sudha, in Pittsford, NY, and Naples, FL
  17. Ram Ratan P Sinha (D, L), (1961 EE), wife Saroja, in Bogart, GA
  18. Dr Vishwanath P Sinha (D, L), (1961 EE), wife Lalpati, in Houston area, TX
  19. Ram B Singh (D, L), (1961 MET), wife Shanti, in McMurray, PA
  20. Pramjit S. Chadda (L), (1962 ME), wife Bindu, in MD
  21. Arun Kumar (L), (1962 EE), wife Sarita, in Bay Area, CA
  22. Amar N. Mishra (L), (1962 CE), wife Kabita, in Livingston, NJ
  23. Prof Dr Prahlad Pant (D, L), (1962 CE), wife Bindu, in Atlanta, GA
  24. Ranjit Sinha (D, L), (1962 CHE), exPresident, wife Meena (MD), in Kendall Park, NJ
  25. Satya Swaroop Taneja (D, L), (1962 CE), wife Kanta, in Vancouver area, Canada
  26. Indranand Jha (L), (1963 CE), (Late wife Indu) in Jackson, MI
  27. Bodh Kunwar (D, L), (1963 EE), wife Chitra, in Danville, CA
  28. Shree N. Sharma (D, L), (1963 CHE), wife Vijaya, in Salt Lake City, UT
  29. Prabhat K Sinha (D, L), (1963 CHE), wife Achla Kumar, in Germantown, MD
  30. Prof Dr Ramesh Chandra (D, L), (1964 MET), wife Aruna , in Farmington, MI
  31. Dr Anil K Singh (D, L), (1964 MET), wife Radha, in Pasadena, CA
  32. Braj K Singh (D, L), (1964 ME), wife Indira, in Potomac, MD
  33. Prof Dr Krishna P Sinha (D, L), (1964 CE), wife Arti, in Salt Lake City, UT
  34. Madhukar Prasad (L), (1965 ME), wife Mamta, in The woodlands, TX
  35. Dr Mahesh C  Jha (D, L), (1965 MET), wife Shobha, in Golden, CO
  36. Bal Trivedi (D, L) (1965 ME), wife Ila, in Houston, TX
  37. Mritunjay Singh (L), (1966 ME), wife Meera, in Kendall Park, NJ
  38. Nilendu Srivastava (D, L), (1966 ME), exPresident, wife Renu, in Hollis, NH
  39. Sudhin Mishra (D, L), (1967 TC), wife Neelu, in San Jose, CA
  40. Prof Ravi Sahay (D, L), (1967 EE), in Escondido, CA
  41. Dr Krishna Pal Singh (D, L), (1967 ME), wife Martha, in Marlton, NJ, and Jupiter, FL
  42. Raj Verma (D, L) (1970 MET), wife Ambalika, in Quakertown, PA 
  43. Ramesh Yadava (D, L), (1971 EE), wife Radha, in Fremont, CA
  44. Shyam Choudhary (D, L), (1981 EE), wife Neeta, in San Jose, CA
  45. Alakh Singh (D, L), (1976 CE), wife Anjana, in Fullerton, CA
  46. Rajesh C. Jha (D, L), (1977 CE), in Long Beach, CA
  47. Dr Uma Shanker Jha (D, L), (1977 EC), wife Mamta, in Tustin Ranch, CA
  48. Barmeshwar Rai (L), (1977 CE), in Long Beach, CA
  49. Dr Ajit Singh (L), (1977 EC), Waterloo, Canada
  50. Dr Pranava Kumar Jha (L), (1977 EC), St. Cloud, MN
  51. Shiv Kumar Gupta (L), (1977 EE), Ottawa, Canada
  52. Sheokumar Singh (L), (1977 ME), Minneapolis, MN
  53. Niraj Kumar (L), (1978 CE), Washington DC
  54. Sunil Kumar (L), (1977 ME), Seattle, WA
  55. Divyanshu Raj (D, L), (1991 MET), husband Arun, in Basking Ridge, NJ
  56. Rashmi Kumar (L), (1991 MET), husband Manoj, in San Mateo, CA
  57. Upendra Tiwary (L), (1992 ME), wife Sanchita, in San Ramon, CA
  58. Abhishek Rala (L), (1992 EC), wife Ritu, in Bay Araea, CA
  59. Anand K. Mishra (D, L), (1993 ME), wife Manisha, in Torrance, CA
  60. Dr Krishna Jha (D, L), (1993 ME), wife Nili, in Gainesville, FL
  61. Chandan K Jha, (L), (1993 PE), wife Smita, in Toronto, ON
  62. Alka Singh (L),(1991 E&C)
  63. Shitanshu Shekhar (L),(1988 Metallurgy)
  64. Dr. Anil Kumar (L), (1967 Mechanical)
  65. Pravin Kumar Gohil (L), (1973 Chemical), wife Jayshree Gohil
  66. Archana Kumari (L), Husband Ajay Ahuja, San Diego
  67. Dilip Kumar (L), (1980, Metallurgy), Alberta Canada
  68. Sanjay Srivastatva (L), (1990 Chemical), Houston, TX
  69. Arun Sharma (L),(1990 Civil), wife Meena, Houston TX
  70. Santosh Jha (L),(1991 Civil), Houston TX
  71. Prafull Kumar (L), (1976 Chemical), Houston TX
  72. Vishnu Deo Singh (L), (1969 Chemical), Houston TX
  73. Ashutosh Dutta (D, L), (1989 Production), Wife Sunila Dutta, Toronto Canada
  74. Ghazanfar Khan (L) (1986, Civil), wife Bazmi Khan, Ontario, Canada
  75. Shree Prakash (1986 Electronics) wife Rita Prakash Ontario, Canada
  76. Divesh Mishra (1970 ME) Virginia
  77. Mithilesh Kumar (1970 Electrical) Watervliet, NY
  78. Abhay Tiwari (1996 Civil) Nutan Kumari, New Jersey
  79. Pranav Nidhi
  80. Sanjay Verma (1990 Civil) Nikita Verma, Arcadia CA
  81. Chandan Kumar


(source is Dr Chadda)

We need help in filling in or correcting the years of service shown in brackets [ ].

  1. Narendra Pratap Singh (1957 ME) [?]
  2. Dr Rajesh Mishra (1966 MET) [?]
  3. Ranjit Sinha (D, L) (1962 CHE) [?]
  4. Prof Dr Yogendra S Chadda (D, L) (1957 ME) [1990-92; 1996-98; 2010-13
  5. Nilendu Srivastava  (D, L) (1966 ME) [2004-06]
  6. Ranjit Sinha (D, L) (1962 CHE) [?]
  7. Paramjit S Chadda (L), (1962 ME) [2009-10]
  8. Dr Uday K Sinha (D, L) (1960 MET) [?]
  9. Amar Mishra (L), (1962 CE) [?]
  10. Dr Neil D Pundit (D, L) (1961 TC) [2013-16]
  11. Ramesh Yadav (D, L) (1971 EE) [2017-18]
  12. Anil Singh (D, L) (1964 MET) [2019]

Some Ex-Presidents like Prof Tribhuan Prasad and Dr N K Sinha have since passed away.

Multi-Service VIP

Multi-Service VIP
(if not listed earlier)

These alumni have served in some important capacity in the past, and can be counted for help.

  1. Shyam Choudhary (1981 EE) in San Jose, CA.
  2. Rajesh Jha (2009 MET) in Miami, FL.
  3. Rajan Kumar (1997 CS) in SF Bay area, CA.
  4. Sanjay Kumar (1990 EL), in SF Bay area, CA.
  5. Anubha Prasad (1995 MET) in SF Bay area, CA.
  6. Keerti Prasad (1990 ECE) in Kendall Park, NJ.
  7. Sudhaker Raj (1987 EC) in Plainsboro, NJ
  8. Swadhin Saurabh (2004 CHE) in Salt Lake City, UT
  9. Shabab Shams (1994 ELC) in SF area, CA
  10. Anju Singh (1993 EE) in SF area, CA
  11. Rakesh Singh (1999 EE) in Fremont, CA
  12. Anamika Sinha (1995 EE) in SF, CA
  13. Ujjawal Sinha (1996 ECE) in SF Bay area, CA
  14. Gurupartap Singh Soni (1967 ME) in SF Bay area, CA
  15. Anupama Srivastava (1995 EC) in SF Bay area, CA
  16. Jainendra K Verma (1970 ME) in Houston area, currently in Mumbai, India.
  17. Rajat K Verma (1970 MET) in PA


Departed Souls

  1. Prof Dr Mihir K Das* - 62 EE, Died 2012 at the age of 73  in Long Beach, CA. Obituary available. A beloved professor. Daughter Sonia wants to explore establishing a scholarship.
  2. Binod Agrawal - 65 ME, Died 2011 at the age of 65 in Rochester, MI.
  3. Prof Dr Naresh K Sinha* - ex-faculty and Founder, Died 2010 at the age of 83 in New Delhi, India. Emeritus Professor at McMaster Univ in Canada. He used to spend a few months every year in India teaching. He was on such a teaching mission, which he loved. He had a phenomenal memory of his students,     and he attended all Annual meetings of the Association
  4. Nirmalendu Srivastava* - 59 ME    , Died 2010 at the age of 73, in Norwood, NJ. Founder of a Robotics Co in MA, substantial donor, and active in Association.
  5. Dr Upendra Roy - 1960 MET, Died 2010 at the age of 73 in Alexandria, VA, . His higher studies include MS in England in 1961, and PhD in Germany in 1966
  6. Kishan L. Moonka - 58 ME, Died 2009 at the age of 74 in Newcastle, WA. Words from his younger brother Radhe Shyam Moonka, 65 ME: Kishan Moonka was born on July 1, 1934 in Chandil, a small town in Jharkhand.  He grew up in a large extended family with many aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins.  He graduated form BIT Sindri in Mechanical Engineering in 1958.  He received his MS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Wisconsin in 1960. He raised two sons and one daughter and was very proud of their successful careers as Physicians.  He especially enjoyed spending time with his six grandchildren, who loved him for his needling humor and generosity.  He loved playing bridge, enjoyed his stock investments skill and took pride in being a handyman.  He passed away peacefully on June 12th 2009. The lung disease that slowed him down and ultimately claimed his life could not keep him from standing up to greet the many visitors he enjoyed during his last year.  His last few days were lit by the company and affection of those most dear to him.
  7. Prof Subhash C. Ghosh  - Faculty, Died 2008 at the age of 79 in Newark, DE.
  8. Dr Mangal P Verma  - 55 EE, Died 2008 at the age of 76 in Cerritos, CA.
  9. Dinesh Agrawal* - 64 MET, Died 2008 at the age of 65 in Houston, TX.
  10. Pritam Singh - 63 CE, Died 2007, at the age of 68 in Beaumont, TX.
  11. Siddarth K Sinha - 63, Died 2007 at the age of 67 in Mountain View, CA.
  12. Dwarika Prasad - 69 MET, Died 2002 at the age of 59 in Moreno Valley, CA.
  13. N. Jayadev - 60 MET, Died 2000, at the age of 66 in San Jose, CA.
  14. Kamal Karna* - 64 EE, Died 1998 at the age of 58 in Matawan, NJ.
  15. Pradeep Pandey - 63 ME, Died 1995 at the age of 52 in Sewell, NJ.
  16. Vedanand Thakur - 57 ME, Died 1995, in Markham, ON, Canada.
  17. Prof Dr Tribhuan Prasad* - ex-faculty and Founder, Died 1993 at the age of 68 in Waterloo, ON, Canada. He and his wife very nurturing to all alumni, and they served as the local hosts for a GET TOGETHER that took place in 1980's in Canada. I have the fondest memory of he and his wife treating us so lovingly when we had our Annual Get Together in Waterloo in late 1980s. Chadda Bhai and Raj Dubey can add a few lines
  18. Prof Dr Gupteshwar Prasad - Math Professor, Died 1988 at the age of 61 in Flushing, NY. He was a great math professor to us at BIT, came to Brooklyn Polytechnic Univ in NY in early 1960s.
  19. Purnendu Dasgupta - 60 MET, Passed away in 2005 in Indiana, at the age of 66. His widow, Sandra, contributed $15,000. toward a Library in the Metallurgy Dept at Sindri in his memory, which was accomplished by Dr Yogendra Chadda.
  20. Mrs Alice Atkinson Morash, daughter of Prof Atkinson of the famed High Tension Lab. Donor and benefactor to the Association, and supporter to alumni.

*-Honored as Distinguished Alum, some posthumously.




Any individual critical in our efforts to uplift BIT Sindri and/or BITSAANA may be recognized as PARTNER . They need not be alumni.
  1. Prof Dr Girijesh Kumar, Registrar, Alumni Interaction Faculty
  2. S N Verma, President, BITSAA, Sindri
  3. Shashank S Garuryar, VP, BITSAA, Sindri
  4. Sweta Kumari, Secretary, BITSAA, Sindri
  5. Prof Ravi S Prasad, Editor, BITSAA, Sindri
  6. Chandrika Prasad, Patron, BITSAA NCR, Delhi
  7. Hari P Agrawal, Patron, BITSAA NCR, Delhi
  8. Pranab K Sinha, President, BITSAA NCR, Delhi
  9. Rajendra K Choudhary, President of Ranchi Chapter
  10. Kaushal K Singh, President of Dhanbad Chapter
  11. Chittaranjan Kumar, President of Asansol Chapter
  12. Anil K Saha, contractor, bro of alum
  13. Jyoti Swaroop Taneja, independent contractor on the Construction Supervisory Cmte, bro of Satya S Taneja
  14. Sunil K Burnwal, IAS, Secretary to the CM
  15. Ajay K Singh, IAS, reports to the Chief Secretary and the CM
  16. Honorable CM Raghubar Das
  17. S Verma, President of Asansol Chapter
  18. Director Dr Utpal K Dey
  19. Prof Dr Deoraj Tanti, then Treasurer of BITSAA, now Secretary
  20. Prof Ravi Shankar Prasad, Editor of web
  21. Dr. Sadhana Prasad, Daughter Dr. (Prtof) T. Prasad, Canada
  22. Shilpa Trivedi - Daughter of Bal Trivedi
  23. Radha Singh - Wife of Anil Singh (1964 MET)
  24. Radha Yadav - Wife of Ramesh Yadava (1971 Elec)
  25. Anju Singh - Wife of Alakh Singh (1997 Civil)
  26. Arun Raj - Husband of Divy Raj (1991 MET)

Honorary Distinguished Alum

Honorary Distinguished Alum

Honorary Distinguished Alum

Alumni outside of North America, significant for uplifting the Alma Mater. Process and criteria are identical to our members.  

  1. Prof. Dr. Utpal K. Dey (1980 Mining) - Academic and administrative excellence leading to his appointment as the Institute Director
  2. Kumar Arun P. Singh (1964 MET) - Leadership in the steel industry in India and Europe, and for his support to alumni worldwide.
  3. Prof. Dr. Priya R. Prasad (1965 MET) - Academic and administrative excellence at BIT Sindri, and his servicesto the alumni worldwide through his website (
  4. Dr. Ramjee Prasad (1968 E&C) - For his phenomenal contribution in the field of wireless communication and outstanding augmentation to society by supervising and mentoring hundreds of global leaders and innovators.
  5. Dr. DK Singh, Director (1984 Electronics)
  6. Shri Rajendra Choudhary (1977 Mechanical)