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If you are in US or Canada, a product of BIT Sindri then ask yourself: Could you have crossed the Atlantic without the BIT education? Surely, additional education, training, self study, person perseverance, hard work, and luck -- have all contributed to your professional growth and success. If your kids ask you, "Papa (or Mama), how did you leave India? What enabled you to be in US or Canada? Answer: No, beta - I went to BIT Sindri! We had a great education there that enabled.

JOIN US for Alumni Bond: The alumni and Alma Mater are like citizens in a motherland; stars in the sky; children and parents. The relationship is a birth right, inalienable, permanent, self-reinforcing, and of mutual reciprocity. The relationship endures no matter what. While we nominally expect a Membership Fee, currently US$50 annually, you remain a voting member if you pay or not. Alumni bond enables us to help alumni in need, personally, economically, and in dire circumstances. New arrivals in North America can get local help in adjusting to new environment.

JOIN US for Professional Networking: Help when relocating to new roles/ new geographies. Networking helps in finding jobs. Networking with influential alumni enriches your career and professional life. 

JOIN US for Alumni Power: Here in the US and Canada, the Alumni contributions amount to a substantial part of the University budget. The Alumni "control" the direction and key appointments. They can get a University President hired or fired. In India, the contributions from alumni are now officially welcome, in Rupees or in foreign currencies.  We can make a BIG difference in uplifting our Alma Mater. Seek recommendations from Distinguished Alums for professional growth. Extend your trip to India to give a talk or two at Sindri. Meet with the faculty and students there. Distinguished Alums are being sought for guiding research. 

JOIN US to make us stronger, more united, more connected in common bond, and to leverage our synergistic accomplishments to propel our Alma Mater to newer heights. Join us to lead our younger stars, help them carve a future they could not foresee without us.

OUR GATHERINGS:  We now have three large Annual Meetings- one in the east coast in July and one in the west coast in fall, and one in Canada (Toronto area) in the fall. By popular demand we are having regional local meetings in large metropolitan areas. Such recent regional meetings in 2014 and later have been in: Detroit; Chicago; Niagara Falls area of Canada drawing alumni from Toronto area; Atlanta; Seattle; Los Angeles; Houston; Dallas; Fort Lauderdale (FL); Charlotte; Boston. In addition to the large yearly Meets, we encourage more frequent local Meets.

VISITS to SINDRI: We are actively participating in Annual Worldwide Alumni Meeting in Sindri usually held in November. In conjunction we participate in the Golden Jubilee anniversaries. We encourage visits to Sindri by any and all of our members. 

WHAT DO WE DO?: We are led by a Board of Directors. Currently there are 13 Directors as listed on the Directory. The BOD meets almost monthly by teleconferencing on the last Tuesday of the month starting at 9:30pm ET. We have a priorized list of goals geared toward streghtening our alumni bond for the larger purpose of uplifting our Alma Mater. Our priorities are governed by the state of the institution, longrange plans, and current needs. Our top priorities are: 1. Safety and Security of girl students; 2. Recruitment of faculty; 3. wi fi in all buildings, hostels, and the Alumni House; and 4. Infrasturcture and its Maintenance. Pursuit of priorities demands that we stregthen our alumni bond in North America by discovering alumni, and collaborate with the mother chapter at Sindri, and other major chapters in India. Our near term project is to increase our membership to 1000. 

One of our outstanding and ongoing effort is Scholarship Program whereby perenially two toppers in every branch and two toppers among girl students are awarded annual scholarship based on the academic results of the first year. In addition there are memorial scholarships established by our alumni working directly with the mother chapter. Our past efforts have resulted in large shipments of books, establishing specialized libraries, and the Alumni House which has 8 rooms now, and there is space for more. Currently the scholarships awarded total INR 250K annually from North America sources. In addition the alumni elsewhere provide INR 375K in annual scholarships.

Our enthusiastic alumni propose and promote initiatives to uplift the Institute in response to emerging technologies and needs. Two notable initiatives are: Environmental Engineering initiated by exPresident Ranjit Sinha; and Exchange Program with the University of Manitoba initiated by Bidhu Shekhar Jha, a popular MLA from the province of Manitoba in Canada. We hope that with the new Director Dr Utpal K Dey (1980 Mining) there would be greater attention. 

With the acute shortage of faculty, the Institute is receptive to visitors from North America for any length of time. A few talks, a series of lectures, or visting lecturers are most welcome. A frequent visitor has been Dr Yogi Chadda (1957 ME), exPresident many times. Recent visitors have been Dr Neil Pundit (1961 TC), Bharat Sahay (1974 EE), Bidhu Shekhar Jha (1962 ME). Dr Anil K Singh (1964 MET) and Braj K Singh (1964 ME) are visiting Sindri in November 2014. In 2015 Dr Neil Pundit and Dr Raj Dubey (from Canada) visited India. They attended alumni meets in Ranchi, Bokaro, Dhanbad, Sindri, Patna, and Delhi. In Feb 2016 Dr Anil Singh visited  Ranchi, Bokaro, Dhanbad, and Sindri. We have established enduring relationship with the Govt of Jharkhand, IAS officers, Ministers, and the Honorable Chief Minister Raghubar Das. Atonomy has been promised, and a master plan of INR 150+ crores is being acted upon. The plan includes a complete renovation campus-wide, new buildings, guest houses, medical facility, etc. The goal is to restore the old glory, now modeled after the IIT Kharagpur, the oldest of the IITs. We have submitted a draft for Autonomy under the proposed name of BIT Sindri University, which is under consideration by the cabinet. 

HOW DO WE COMMUNICATE? This website,, is the primary source of our communication. There is another website maintained by a retired professor Dr Priya Ranjan Prasad, It covers major news about BIT Sindri from authoritative sources, and it has pointers to helpful information about the Institute, and alumni chapters. Worldwide alumni interaction is mainly social and though FaceBook. It has a Group called BIT Sindri Alumni Association (BITSAA) which has close to 5000 members. We maintain a Page there by our name BIT Sindri Alumni Association of North America. We maintain a token presence on the LinkedIn and we have a Group. Many of our professionally active alumni have their profile there, and we recommend that you do. Recently (as of July 2016) BIT Sindri is a recognized as a school/university under the LinkedIn dropdown list. We encourage all alumni to have a detailed profile on LinkedIn, now a major repository of professionals.

We encourage your participation and ideas.