The Incredible Powers Of Nostalgia

If you find yourself recalling a fond memory and wishing you could recapture that moment, give in. It may give you the boost you need to deal with a current challenge, or to simply feel better -- not just about your past or present, but also about your future.

Nostalgia is much more than mere reminiscing; it’s a feeling. "Nostalgia is the warm, fuzzy emotion that we feel when we think about fond memories from our past," explains Erica Hepper, Ph.D., a lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Surrey in England. "It often feels bittersweet -- mostly happy and comforting, but with a tinge of sadness that whatever we’re remembering is lost in some way."

Here are some Historical Photo's of BIT Sindri, Get prepared , there are 1000's of it.

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