Alumni Meeting Guide

Neil Pundit,, 505-821-3295

If you are an organizer, past or future, of an alumni meet. Attached is a GUIDE for your use, comment, critique, or modification. Also attached is a file for creating badges.

We have gathered the following from our experience of arranging Alumni Meetings, mostly from our mistakes.
1. LIST: Organizers should compile a list of potential attendees, their email, and phone. Estimate number of attendees, say N. Then plan for 2N ( to account for spouses, children and guests).
2. COST: Alumni are expected to pay annual member fee of US$50 or Life Member fee of $600. Estimate the food cost per adult about $15. Food cost of Children and guests is paid by the Association. All payments to the Association are tax-deductible for US residents. Make check payable to BITSAA of NA or use DONATE button on our website (
3. FOOD: Reserve a nice Restaurant for a Buffet Lunch Meeting starting at 11:30 am and ending at 3:30 pm. Try out the food before committing. A separate room or a section is most desirable. Arrange for a microphone for an attendance of 20 or more. You may opt for a COVERED picnic spot with catered food.
4. EARLY COMMITMENTS: Get early commitment of attendees by promising a gift (usually a coffee mug with BIT Logo) to the early responders. Remind by email then by phone calls.
5. SWEETS GIVEAWAY: Connect with Satya Swaroop Taneja (email:, and phone 604-596-2363), founder of Nanak Foods, for a possible sweets giveaway, and arrange for delivery.
6. CUP ORDER & BADGES: Ask Neil to order cups 2 weeks ahead. Print badges on a thick paper, sample attached. Badge holders and ribbons will be supplied by me. Have extra blank badges and pens for thick writing for surprise attendees.
7. REMINDER: Remind attendees a day early, and re-confirm with the restaurant.
8. AT THE MEET: Arrive 15 minutes early with the cups (or other giveaway), badges, printed Attendance Sheets, audio system as needed, and display or presentation materials.
9. AGENDA: Be flexible as the purpose is alumni bond and opportunity to express what is on their mind. All the information we want to share should be available on the website. Organizers serve best by being good listeners and answering questions. Ask attendees to introduce themselves in 60 seconds by sharing something not commonly known or available on LinkedIn or FaceBook. Encourage attendees to share jokes, anecdotes, songs, ghazals, poetry, dancing, .. Ask an interested attendee to take notes. Encourage photo taking, and a group photo.
10. COLLECTING MONEY: Assign a young alum to collect money (by check payable to BITSAA of NA, or cash), jotting it down on the attendance sheet. Unless already a LIFE MEMBER, the payment needed is $50 per alum, and food cost per adult. (No charge for children and guests.) Pay the restaurant in cash to save on tax or waive tax for our nonprofit 501 (c) (3) status. You may ask for cash advance from Divy (or Neil), or charge it on your credit card to be reimbursed by the Association.
11. CONCLUSION: Thank people for coming, explore future meetings, promise to share the attendee list, photos, and notes taken. Email summary of the meeting, attendee list, and photos to all attendees and Naresh Sahu (our webmaster, Convert all the cash into a personal check. Deposit all the checks into a local PNC bank, if any. Otherwise mail all the checks to our Treasurer Divy Raj, 42 Liberty Ridge Rd, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920, phone 908-326-3704, with meeting notes, and details of money collected.