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Invitation for Articles by Alumni in North America

Wanted 2-page articles by August 31, 2004
BITS NCR ( National Capital Region, India) chapter has its Annual Day on December 07, 2014 in New Delhi.  All alumni are invited. On this occasion a souvenir publication will be released. Again I have been asked to Chair the Souvenir Publication Committee.

Half of the publication is designated North America Special, covering articles from alumni who went to USA or Canada, with only a few dollars in their pocket, having no godfather, faced all the hardships, and still achieved great successes.

Future Annual Meetings 2015 and beyond

Future Annual Meetings should be rotated throughout US and Canada. Most, if not all, of our Annual Meetings have been in the East Coast. Then, we have a substantial gathering in the west coast (California) for at least 3 years. We started Regions in 2013, and we have had successful local gatherings in Atlanta and Detroit. Another one in upstate NY area and/or Toronto is being planned. We are shooting for one in Texas - preferably in Dallas or Houston area. It is time to discuss this matter more objectively.

Enhancing Communication with the Alumni

Dear Alumni,

We want to stop bombarding you with mass email but we need your help first.
Please register yourself at this website (www.bitsindri.org). Our webmaster has updated this website a lot, and we will continue improving it as the most important means of communication. It allows you to engage other alumni and elected directors in whatever is high on your mind.

Other than this site, a website in India, maintained by retired professor Dr P R Prasad is www.bitsindrialumni.org
It is very helpful in capturing news stories in India, and it has links to almost any matter of interest to alumni.
Please stay tuned.
Neil Pundit
President, BITSAA of North America