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Concerns with upcoming Autonomy at BIT Sindri

On the evening of Nov 21, some 10 faculty members were waiting for me at the entrance of the Alumni House at BIT Sindri to raise their concerns with the news headlines of BIT Sindri getting Autonomy. Prof Dr Raj Dubey, from U of Waterloo, Canada, and I, met with them for over an hour, listened to their fears, based on reported adversities at some institutions in connection with Autonomy. The feeling expressed was that of fear of losing their job, seniority, promotion prospects, retirement, and pension. They also expressed fear for students in rising fees and expenses. Their feelings were intense, and their ability to listen was markedly reduced. We listened very attentively, tried to assure them that no harm should come to them or the students.

Update on Slain Alum Shri Saurabh Kumar

Our President, Neil Pundit had a telephone conversation with the father of slain alum Saurabh Kumar, and he will visit the family on Nov 24 in Akilabad, near Hajipur. Here is a summary of the phone conversation by Dr Pundit:

Father, Suresh Ray,  M +91 993 179 2488, is retired, aggrieved, but soft spoken. His only wish is that justice be done with a proper inquiry such that his son's sacrifice with his life fosters the cause of honesty in the prevailing corruption.

Matching Offer for Public Toilet

Through the generosity of Dr Krishna Pal Singh (1967 ME), the Association ( BITSAA of NA) invites Applications from our Alumni who are interested in building and maintaining Public Toilets in Bihar or Jharkhand. KPS Foundation pays 50% of the cost of building the facility and 2 years of maintenance. For the remainder you may contribute to the Association (tax-deductible or tax-free* for US taxpayers) or seek donation from the landowner and users, and seek partial assistance from the Association.
*US taxpayers, over 70.5 years young, may contribute tax-free from their IRA.