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Matching Offer for Public Toilet

Through the generosity of Dr Krishna Pal Singh (1967 ME), the Association ( BITSAA of NA) invites Applications from our Alumni who are interested in building and maintaining Public Toilets in Bihar or Jharkhand. KPS Foundation pays 50% of the cost of building the facility and 2 years of maintenance. For the remainder you may contribute to the Association (tax-deductible or tax-free* for US taxpayers) or seek donation from the landowner and users, and seek partial assistance from the Association.
*US taxpayers, over 70.5 years young, may contribute tax-free from their IRA.

2015 Election Results

The election was held and the slate of 14 directors proposed by the President was unanimously voted. This year we did the live webcast and sought votes from our members in US and Canada. A few joined in the teleconference and voted. A few had communicated their vote through email. Congratulations to all of us as we are blessed to be unanimously and overwhelmingly elected.

Slate of candidates for the upcoming Election on 15th Aug 2015

By Neil Pundit
The Association Bylaws require me as President to announce the slate of candidates for the upcoming Election at the Annual Meeting to be held on August 15 in Long Beach (LA area). Additional nominations would be welcome from the floor. The total number of positions on the Board has been increased from 9 to 14. Since I myself am a candidate, I had to seek the endorsement of the BOD.

State of the Association Report

State of the Association Report

2014: NJ, SF, Chicago, and Niagara Falls, Canada. Total Alumni Attendance 150, and families.
2015: Fort Lauderdale, FL; Boston; Seattle; LA; Houston; Dallas; Charlotte; NJ (July 25); LA (Aug 15); Chicago (Sept 19); Toronto (Sept 27); Atlanta (Oct); Orlando (Dec). Total Alumni Attendance: 255, and families.
2016: Houston/Dallas (Feb); NJ (July 30); SF (Aug 13); Chicago (Sep 17); Toronto (Sep 25). Total Alumni Attendance expected 300+.

Open Letter from President, BIT Sindri Alumni Association of North America

Our Alumni Association of North America is funding the Toilet Renovation for all 5 girls' hostels. But we can NOT start without a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE (NOC) from the state govt (Dept of Sc&Tech). My request to Principal Secretary remains unanswered. I now understand that there is a new officer in place. So, here is my pained assessment: