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Appeal to US Alumni of graduation years 1953 to 1969

As a US taxpayer 70.5 + years in age*, you have a rare opportunity to make tax-free contribution from your retirement assets for up to $100K per year to a qualified charitable organization. This provision was made permanent last year. Our Association is a fully qualified 501 (c)(3) public charity organization that can avail of the provision. The contribution has to be from your IRA custodian DIRECTLY to the charitable organization. We have a corporate account with the Fidelity Investments to facilitate such transfers.

BIT Student Seriously Ill in Ranchi - Help Wanted

I m Anuradha Tirkey. My brother ANAND SAGAR TIRKEY (1st year Civil Engg) met with an accident on 17.04.2016 at 6:00 pm. He was walking in the evening near Bada Talab in Ranchi where he was hit by a Van. He was seriously injured in his head and got umconscious. He was instantly taken to the Nagarmal Modi Seva Sadan, Ranchi from where he was referred to BHAGWAN MAHAVIR MEDICA SUPERSPECIALITY HOSPITAL, RANCHI at 12:00 midnight. He undergone through the brain operation ( decompressive craniectomy) on 18.04.2016. After operation he was kept in ventilator till 28.04.2016. And now he is in HDU. Today is 22.05.2016 and he hasnt come into his senses.

Anil Singh's (1964 Met) BIT Sindri Visit Report

Anil and his wife, Radha, were in India (February 12 – March 6) on vacation. They took time off from their vacation, and visited BIT Sindri to talk with the administration, faculty members and students on February 25. In addition they met BIT Sindri alumni members in Delhi, Bokaro, Ranchi and Rourkela (Odisha) respectively on February 12, 25, 26 and 28. Shri Rajendra Choudhary 77 Mech, President of BIT Sindri Ranchi Chapter was with us for our meeting at BIT, Bokaro, Ranchi and Rourkela. Shri Navin Parmar, 77 Civil, Retired Chief Engineer, PHED, Jharkhand attended the meetings at Sindri, Bokaro and Ranchi. Narain Lal, 64 Mechanical was present in Sindri and Bokaro meetings.

Obituary - An illustrious alumni Dr. Madhukar Nagarkar Dies

Dr. Madhukar Nagarkar was a 1960 metallurgical engineering graduate. He moved to the USA in 1968 and finished PhD from the University of Denver. Madhukar worked in responsible capacities with Motorola Company in Phoenix until his retirement. He moved to Pune where he died on December 29. Madhukar was one of the motivator for me to start our alumni association. He stayed in the background but always contributed money and advised me regarding our alumni association. He leaves behind his wife Usha and son Sumant who is a physician in Los Angeles.

Concerns with upcoming Autonomy at BIT Sindri

On the evening of Nov 21, some 10 faculty members were waiting for me at the entrance of the Alumni House at BIT Sindri to raise their concerns with the news headlines of BIT Sindri getting Autonomy. Prof Dr Raj Dubey, from U of Waterloo, Canada, and I, met with them for over an hour, listened to their fears, based on reported adversities at some institutions in connection with Autonomy. The feeling expressed was that of fear of losing their job, seniority, promotion prospects, retirement, and pension. They also expressed fear for students in rising fees and expenses. Their feelings were intense, and their ability to listen was markedly reduced. We listened very attentively, tried to assure them that no harm should come to them or the students.