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BIT-Sindri, Danish varsity on one page

Our visits to BIT Sindri campus was very satisfying and fruitful?. Ramesh Bhai with his mild but persuasive arguments charmed everybody. BIT under the guidance Dr. Dharmendra Singh has made tremendous progress in short ten months. Construction boom is visible all around. Significant improvements in morale of students and faculty. Dharmendra Bhai has promised his untiring efforts to make BIT an autonomous world class institution.


Our Alumni & Public Toilet for Rural India

by Neil Pundit, PhD, 1961 TC

President, BITSA International


October 20, 2017

Abstract & Summary: After some 700 public toilets, KPS Foundation has discontinued its

matching funding for our alumni sponsored Public Toilet projects for Rural India. Currently there

are 116 sites donated by the landowners, waiting for construction. Neil Pundit is sponsoring 81


Sadly Dr Krishna Pal Singh has discontinued his 50% Matching for Public Toilets. Lack of donations by alumni is a disappointment cited. For 136 sites already donated by the landowners, we are seeking alternate source of funding for construction. Neil Pundit and Shree Sharma as sponsors are committed to complete the construction at the donated sites by 50% matching from alternate non-government organization(s).