What is President's Column ?

  • Posted on: 4 January 2015
  • By: drpundit

First, Happy New Year 2015 to all. Through this President's Column I wish to communicate with you directly on important matters. The reason for our existence is to foster alumni bond amonst us alumni in North America, and to leverage our strengths to uplift our Alma Mater. High on my mind are the following:

1. Please glance through the entire website, much enhanced, and tell us what else to include.

2. Try local meetings for face to face interactions. I try attending as many as I can. Jan 10 Meet is in greater Seattle area in Bellevue, WA. Then Jan 11 in greater Los Angeles area. Next are Meets in Houston, Dallas, Boston, Orlando, Washington DC area, ..

3. There are some hopeful signs after election. Cabinet formation, appointment of IAS officers for the Dept of Science & Technology, Institute Director to establish needed contacts, ..are gating items for drawing attention to BIT Sindri. Our priorities are: Escalating faculty recruitment; Safety and security of girl students; Wi fi for all buildings and hostels, and the Alumni House; Infrastructure and Maintenance. Placement is also important.

4.  Our goal should be to become an Institution of National Importance, but progress on #3 above is a prerequisite. IIEST, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, is an avenue to be explored after a reasonable progress. Shibpur College of Engineering, a state govt institution, is the first to be elevated to such a status. There are 6 other state govt institutions in line. BIT Sindri needs to be preparing to be on the list. Google IIEST to learn more.

5. Uplifting BIT Sindri requires that we hold the authorities responsible, demand action, and hold their feet on fire. Our students and faculty have been too meek. We alumni need to unite and nudge you to demand your rights. All the Alumni chapters worldwide need to come together and make us bolder in demanding a rightful attention.

6. Stay tuned, interact, and demand what is rightful. We have suffered entirely too much and too long, and need reminding ourselves what is rightful. Extreme understaffing, shameful infrastructure, and such lingering ills have numbed our senses so badly that we can't visualize a healthy institution. We need a paradigm shift. 

Neil Pundit, PhD, 1961 TC

President, BITSAA of North Almerica