Vision Of BIT Sindri

Activity Date: 
Friday, January 26, 2018

Dr D K Singh our Director was kind enough to share with us and with a vision of BIT Sindri with him all the way in this noble journey.



  • To provide the valuable human resources for the industry and society through the excellence in technical education and scientific research for the sustainable development.


  • To offer the state of the art Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral program.
  • To generate the new knowledge by quality research.
  • To undertake the collaborative projects with industries and society.
  • To develop human intellectual capacity with its full potential.
  • To solve the problems of society through innovation in technology.


  • Excel in academic activity and produce a quality engineer.
  • Develop a special collaboration for rural development by involvement in the technology-based solution in rural India. 
  • Engaging in the manpower development for the value based technical education.
  • Student of the institute must be an agent of change of technology practice in the country and initiate a new working culture in our industry with a view to increase productivity.
  • Some of the graduates of the institute must become an entrepreneur for starting a new science based technology driven industry.


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