President's Update of March 25, 2015

  • Posted on: 25 March 2015
  • By: drpundit

-Our regional meetings, held monthly in a metropolis in US and Canada, are lively and encouraging. Follow up meetings are held locally.

-Our population now is over 560. The entire Roster is available to you if you register.

-With the generosity of Kris Singh and other Distinguished alumni, our offer to repair or rebuild all toilets on campus is well-received by Director Dey, and Dr Girijesh Kumar is seeking bids. Our preference is girls' toilets first, and we would require a regular maintenance.

-We have filed proper tax papers for 2014 calendar  year for the state of Delaware and the Federal.

-To impress upon the authorities for uplifting BIT Sindri, we are establishing an umbrella organization representing all stakeholders (students, faculty, and alumni) called BIT Sindri Association INTERNATIONAL.

-We have two large Meetings planned on July 25 in Edison area of NJ, and the other on August 15 in San Francisco area where we will have our annual Election.

-Nominations are invited for Directors. I am required to present a complete slate of Directors. Additional nominations may be made at the meeting, before the voting.