Any individual critical in our efforts to uplift BIT Sindri may be recognized as PARTNER . They need not be alumni.
 Listed in the order a personalized coffee mug with BIT logo was presented t them, sometimes twice.
  1. Prof Dr Girijesh Kumar, Registrar, Alumni Interaction Faculty
  2. S N Verma, President, BITSAA, Sindri
  3. Shashank S Garuryar, VP, BITSAA, Sindri
  4. Sweta Kumari, Secretary, BITSAA, Sindri
  5. Prof Ravi S Prasad, Editor, BITSAA, Sindri
  6. Chandrika Prasad, Patron, BITSAA NCR, Delhi
  7. Hari P Agrawal, Patron, BITSAA NCR, Delhi
  8. Pranab K Sinha, President, BITSAA NCR, Delhi
  9. Rajendra K Choudhary, President of Ranchi Chapter
  10. Kaushal K Singh, President of Dhanbad Chapter
  11. Chittaranjan Kumar, President of Asansol Chapter
  12. Anil K Saha, contractor, bro of alum
  13. Jyoti Swaroop Taneja, independent contractor on the Construction Supervisory Cmte, bro of Satya S Taneja
  14. Sunil K Burnwal, IAS, Secretary to the CM
  15. Ajay K Singh, IAS, reports to the Chief Secretary and the CM
  16. Honorable CM Raghubar Das
  17. S Verma, President of Asansol Chapter
  18. Director Dr Utpal K Dey
  19. Prof Dr Deoraj Tanti, then Treasurer of BITSAA, now Secretary
  20. Prof Ravi Shankar Prasad, Editor of web
  21. A few more PARTNER mugs were made in Ranchi, and presented to them in Nov 2015 (to get the names from RK Choudhary).