Minutes of Telecon Meeting of November 25, 2014

Activity Date: 
Tuesday, November 25, 2014
BOD and ADVBD meeting started on Nov 25th at 9:30pm
Attendees: Bharat, Neil, Raj, Ramesh & Divy
  • Meeting Minutes from Nov 4th approved by the quorum
  • November meeting was solely devoted to developing membership 
  • Llinked-in approach - search with keyword BIT Sindri in USA returns 191 people
  • Sending invitation (Linked-in message) to all the second connections, who have not blocked in-coming mails from second connection
  • Bharat informed that recent 5-6 Canada members (from Linked-in) joined the Niagra regional meeting.
  • Email or phone call approach - On personal level, search for batch mates or a year senior or junior through friends or friends of friends.
  • We can have BOD/ADVBD volunteers from different region taking responsibility to run these search and reaching out to them, encouraging them to join the NA Alumni Group. Three volunteers were identified during the call:
    • Canada – Bharat
    • California region – Ramesh
    • NJ-NY region - Divy
    • Alka, Arunima, Naresh and Uttara’s names were proposed as prospective volunteers, assuming they will take over J. Any other volunteer are always welcome.
  • Bharat is already identified as the Project manager, he will publish:
    • What the plan is
    • Goal
    • Objective
    • Approach
    • list of volunteer
  • Bharat has also agreed to send reminder to all the volunteers twice a month.
  • Volunteers will be sending a periodic update to Bharat in a proper format - email address, year of graduation, name, where do they live. Tel number will be optional information.
  • A central repository of a consolidated database will be created on Google drive with write access to all the volunteers
  • email to a new contact should have a very clear and encouraging viewpoint on why they should join the alumni group.
Few Very Important Reminders: