Elected Directors

Elected Directors (BOD):
 Abbreviations in parenthesis following the last name designate Distinguished Alum by D, and Life Member by L.

  1. Ramesh Yadava (D, L), (1971 EE), President, Bay Area, CA
  2. Anil Singh (D, L), (1964 MET), Vice President and Treasurer, Pasadena, CA
  3. Divyanshu Raj (D, L) (1991 MET), Secretary & Regional VP, NJ
  4. Prabhat K Sinha (D, L), (1963 CHE), Regional VP, Wash DC
  5. Alka Singh (L), (1991 EC), Regional VP, Northeastern zone, Boston, MA
  6. Anand Mishra (D, L), (1993 ME), Webmaster and Regional VP, Western zone, Los Angeles, CA
  7. Ashutosh Dutta (1989 PRD), Regional VP, Canada - Northern zone, Toronto, Canada
  8. Anil Kumar (1967 ME), VP for Fund Raising, NJ
  9. Pramod Singh (1998 ME), Regional VP, NY


President Emeritus:

1. Neil D Pundit (D, L), (1961 TC), Weston, FL


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