Directors' Personal Goals (Aug 2015 - Aug 2016)

  • Posted on: 22 October 2015
  • By: anand_mishra

Please find below the Directors Personal Goals for Aug 2015 - Aug 2016

Neil D Pundit (D, L), (1961 TC), President, FL

- Toilet Renovation Campus-wide: 50% completed

- Process 6 Applications for Matching Public Toilet Funding

- Attend Global Alumni Meet in Sindri in Nov 2015, push uplifting agenda by personal meetings with key leaders

- Enhance and automate web presence (our site, FB, LinkedIn, etc) with Anand and Naresh

- Operationalize Member Discovery Incentive

- At the 2016 Election, effect succession: Ramesh as Pres, Anil as VP, Naresh as Treasurer, and Divy as Secretary

- Pledge to serve as needed but only as President Emeritus for one more year

Ramesh Yadava (D, L), (1971 EE), Vice President, Bay Area, CA


Anil Singh (D, L), (1964 MET), Treasurer, Pasadena, CA

- Motivate an alumni member from Greater Los Angeles Chapter who will take full responsibility to run the chapter activities, and make it as the most active chapter in the country.

- Keep pressure on the BiT Sindri administration to build sport/athletic facilities in girls' hostels. (BITS AA of NA is proving the funding for the facilities).

Naresh Sahu (1990 MI), Secretary, VA


Divyanshu Raj (D, L) (1991 MET), Joint Secretary & Regional VP, NJ


Mohammed B Zaman (1960 ME), Regional VP, Houston, TX

- Find and Groom a young Alumni member to take over my responsibility when my term ends.

- Work with local Alumni members to organize our local get together at least one time a year at some member's house in addition to our yearly get together.

 - Work to bring more new members for the BIT Sindri AA

Prabhat K Sinha (D), (1963 CHE), Regional VP, Wash DC

- Try and meet as many alumni members as possible during personal and business trips across the country

- Try to set up a social circle of BIT Alumni in the Greater Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

- Make a trip to BIT campus and meet with staff, students, and faculty members (health permitting).

 - Get to know the BIT Alumni Board members and Advisory Committee members on a more personal level if feasible

Bal Trivedi (B, L), (1965 ME), Legal Counsel and a Regional VP, Houston, TX


Shyam Choudhary (1981 EE), Regional VP, Bay Area, CA


Ghazanfar Khan (1986 CE), Regional VP, Canada - Northern zone, Toronto, Canada

- This is a new Chapter initiated by the efforts of Neil and Raj sir. I want to concentrate on making our Toronto Chapter more closely knit and therefore, will organize an Alumni get together quarterly other than the annual meet. This will be both indoor and outdoor depending on weather conditions.

- Under the member discovery program, my efforts will be to add at least 2 new alumni every month in the folds of our association.

- I will look for and groom an alumni who can replace me when  my tenure is over.

- I will build up a team which can help a new alumni immigrant with initial hurdles generally faced.

Alka Singh (1991 EC), Regional VP, Northeastern zone, Boston, MA


Anand Mishra (D, L), (1993 ME), Regional VP, Western zone, Los Angeles, CA

- Connect and add 4 new alumni every month in the folds of our association

- Organize and provide assistance to LA/SoCal alumini meet

- Enhance BITSAANA website with new features

Amrita Sehgal (1996 ME), Regional VP, Northwestern zone, Portland, OR

- Add 1 ex-BITian per month in the BIT Sindri Alumni Association of North America webpage a.k.a.
- Take steps towards helping budding women engineers at BIT Sindri understand challenges faced by women engineers at work place, educating and preparing them to develope reasonable approach towards work/life balance and so on-use video/tele conferences through existing clubs like Leo, Rotract etc.
- Organize a NW North America alumni meet

Rajesh Jha (2009 MET), VP for newer alumni discovery, Miami, FL


 1: Facilitate, assist and help all the BOD to achieve their goals and objectinves, be there to assist, adress and be avaialble to support any time and all the time.         Measurement Matrix: %  Achievment of each BOD's goals and ojective 2: Scholarship: Form a team (Team 2 Scholarship team) of five members to address and give complate transparency of Scholarships.     Measurement Matrix: Team formation, Gooals and objectives of team and quarterly report of scholarship.     3: Fund Raising: Form a team (Team 3 Fund Raising Team)  of seven members to do fund-raising for various Alumni projects, including toilet project.         Measurement Matrix: Quarterly report on team formation, goals of fund raising, planning and fund raising progress.