BOD Telecon Meeting of Aug 25, 2015

Activity Date: 
Tuesday, August 25, 2015


August Minutes of Meeting (MoM)

BOD and ADVBD meeting started on August 25th at 9:30pm EST
Anil Singh – CA
Ramesh Yadav – CA 
Anand Mishra – CA
Amrita Sehgal – OR
Baal Trivedi – TX
Alka Singh – MA
Divy Raj – NJ
Prabhat Sinha – DC
Neil Pundit – FL
Rajesh Jha – FL
Ghajanfar Khan
Shyam Chaudhury
Naresh Sahu
Mohammad Zaman

We appreciated the services of the outgoing
members and welcomed the continuing and the re-elected members.

1. What's high on your mind?
·        Anil – Sports facility improvements for girls in campus, preferably in their hostels. A theme song for our Alumni Assoc
·        Amrita – Upliftment of BIT Sindri and Alumni
·        Divy – Girls Safety in Campus
·        Anand – More NA participation from Alumni and Implementation of ideas
·        Baal – Prioritizing the projects for the Basic Need specifically around Girl student’s need
·        Prabhat – A week long conference in India
·        Rajesh – Collaborate Research Projects with local Research Institutions
·        Ramesh – Strengthen BITSAA of NA, Scholarship issue needs to be closed out.
2. Annual Meet Report:
·        Annual NJ Meet, took place on 24th and 25th July – Summary presented by Divy and Neil
·        Annual CA Meet, took place on 14th and 15th Aug – Summary presented by Anil and Anand
·        Ramesh Yadav proposed Webcast Process documentation for future for other regions – Anand to complete the documentation
·        Whether to combine two days meet into one day event in order not to stretch the event too much.
3. Monthly Telecon Meeting Date & Time:
We will continue the same date and time last Tuesday of the Month for the monthly BOD meeting starting at 9:30pm eastern time.
4. Review Priorities:
·        External Priorities – Less ambitious projects, so completion can be attained more aggressively
o       Safety and security of Girls Students
o       Recruitment of the Faculty
o       Wi-Fi campus wide
o       Infrastructure – maintenance and needed
o       Student placement
·        Internal Priorities – can be done with local alumni only
o       Reaching a goal to reach out to 1000 alumni member
o       Public Toilet Project – 1M budget, awaiting NOC, working with Girijesh. We had Aug 4 visit by Secretary Ajay Kr Singh, in charge . is 10 point speech (details on the website) within 3 yrs BIT will regain its old glory of itself comparable to IIT.
5. Representatives to the Association International 
Define a requirement to qualify for International Association Representative - active member of the association.
·        Ghazanfar has named Shree Prakash (1986 EC) from Toronto 
·        Naresh Sahu to represent US
6. New Business
·        Ramesh Yadav welcomed to the newly elected members.
·        Forming a committee to lead a project to completion.