BIT Sindri Alumni Association of North America, Inc is a nonprofit corporation in the State of Delaware in the US. The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has granted our Association tax-exempt status as a 501 (c) (3) public charity organization. Our Tax Identification Number (TIN) is 46-2744892. The Association is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts. US senior citizens over 70.5 years old may designate distributions from their IRA taxfree as Qualified Charitable Distribution as allowed by IRS. This provision is soon likely to be made permanent. 

Our legal address is: 4900 Lang Ave NE, Ste 202, Albuquerque, NM 87109, USA. This is the office address of our attorney, Gary D. Eisenberg, Esq. Our Association is fully compliant with the Federal and Delaware state reporting requirements. Association can provide a Receipt for any and all contributions.

For the US taxpayers, current rules, court cases, and research by our attorney can be summarized as follows:

  1. Any contribution made to the Association is fully tax deductible. 
  2. The Annual Member Fee ( currently US$50.) is tax deductible because a Member receives no tangible material benefit in return. Member retains the voting rights whether one pays the Member Fee or not. Similarly the one-time payment of Life Member Fee of US$600.00 is tax deductible.     [Seniors, graduates through 1959, enjoy a 50% discount.]
  3. The Registration Fee (usually US$20 to US$30 per adult) for the GET TOGETHERs is also tax deductible. Registration fee mainly covers food and refreshment cost for the official uninterrupted business of the Association. Allowing attendees time off for refreshment and lunch outside of the meeting facility is counterproductive. 
  4. Reasonable Travel Expenses of attending the official meetings of the Association are tax deductible. Travel expenses may consist of: airfare, mileage, lodging, and meals. Accounting and record keeping are your personal responsibility.

A Little History about BITSAA of NA

Back in 1979, When BITSAA of North America was established. Dr. UDAYA SINGH is the pioneer of it. He tried to reach those who were in USA. His call was replied by Dr. RAJESH MISHRA. He reciprocated that he discussed this Dr. JAGDISH Prasad . He sent him a check of $75 which they have collected. UDAY BHAI talked to Dr. TP and the association was created in 1979. Another alumni who gave it a solid status is Mr. BAL TRIVEDI who donated $10,000.
Since then BITSAA of NA kept on helping BITS with non-academic issues because the Academic issues like Operation of the Institute , Maintenance, and other related activities were not the part of its responsibility. First thing was giving Scholarships to our younger generation at BITS which was started in 1981. Today It has Rs.13,49,243 deposited in the mother chapter account with State Bank of India, Sindri the interest of which is giving 40 scholarships to the first and 2nd topper of each branch. We are proud of this little contribution.

Our second contribution is "ALUMNI HOUSE". It was conceived during Dr. YOGENDRA SINGH CHADDA's visit on January 14,1990 when Dr. RAGHUNATH SAHAY 1st BIT ALUMNI was the Director. He could not accommodate Dr. CHADDA in his guest room of Director's bungalow because he had already some official staying there. He made him to stay in the GUEST HOUSE of Sindri Fertilizer. Though Dr. CHADDA was comfortable, he felt ashamed of it. Talk started with Dr. SAHAY. He offered One Lakh Rupees of student's caution money with a condition we match to construct an ALUMNI HOUSE. Dr. CHADDA accepted the offer and the foundation of this great place was led down on November 17,1990. By 1996 when Dr. INDRADEO PRASAD was the Director, ALUMNI HOUSE with 12 rooms was complete to be furnished. On this year, Dr CHADDA's wife completed the ceremony to sink an Independent tube well for the Alumni house.

BITSA of NA continued their efforts in bits and pieces e.g. UDAY Bhai established Computer Application Lab in the Metallurgy Department . Wife of Late PURNENDU DASGUPTA  contributed $8,000 to establish a library in has name. From time to time, It funded the general library with books.

On retiring from teaching profession as the Chairman of ME Department ,UNIVERSITY OF DETROIT MERCY, DETROIT after 20years of service Dr. CHADDA had tons of books with him. What could be the best place to donate !! BITS !. The then Director SHYAMKISHORE SINGH said that he is not in position to bear the shipping expenses. Dr CHADDA ,on his own spent $6,000 to transport his treasure to BITS, shipping from Philadelphia harbor , clearing from CALCUTTA  docks and transporting to SINDRI . This was done in the year 2009. The books were properly kept in old HOD office of ME Department to create a Departmental library called "JASWANT DALIP CHADDA LIBRARY", the opening ceremony was done in the year 2012.

BITSAA of NA keeps on doing its part of the share as needed by the Institute. During a visit of Dr CHADDA and Dr. NEIL PUNDIT, Prof. SHYAMKISHORE SINGH asked  to support an OPEN AIR THEATER. NEIL donated $2,500 on behalf of this ALUMNI. BITS, SINDRI has suffered too much with the creation of JHARKHAND. It is facing competition with, BIT, MESRA and NIT, JAMSHEDPUR. Without any thinking, JHARKHAND GOV. doubled the enrollment. The Institute is suffering due to administrative bureaucracy. BITSAA of NA is the role model. Number of chapters are created like NRC, DELHI, BERMO.

The latest effort is to create "ANNUAL GRANT FUND" for students and Faculty to do their Projects, publish papers and attend technical meetings.