2019 West Coast Alumni Meet at Placentia, California

Activity Date: 
Saturday, August 17, 2019
BIT Sindri Alumni Association held the West Coast Annual Meet yesterday, August 17, in Placentia, a suburb of Los Angeles, in the Farm House owned by Anjana and Alakh Singh (1976 Civil). They were perfect and generous hosts. Lot of great foods.
Alumni and guests totaled ~ 40. Archana Jha was the youngest alumni (2012 Electronics) and Kamal Jha (1962 Electrical) was the senior most. The Association received a donation of $610. Sonia Das, an Associate Member (daughter of an Alumni, Prof/Dr MK Das) was manning the donation table. What a great job she did! Thanks Sonia.
I know it is difficult to believe but true, the get together started at 3 PM and lasted till 11 PM. We talked about our Association and BIT on the move including research program and efforts to make it a central government institute such as NIT.
This was followed by many hours of songs, dance, shero-shayari, jokes, poetry recitals etc. etc. As usual ladies out numbered in all of these areas. Ramesh Yadava put a little bit of fight.
Overall all who were present had a great time. We all owe a bunch of thanks to Anjanaji and Alakh Bhai.
West Coast  BITSAANA 2020 annual meet will be held in the Bay Area.
Note: many more photos will be posted later.