2019 BITSAA NA East Coast Meet at Washington DC

Activity Date: 
Saturday, March 30, 2019

BIT Sindri Alumni association of North America had the annual meeting at BK Singh’s (1964 Mechanical) residence in Washington DC on March 30th 2019. In a cozy environment, the meeting started at 1pm with BIT kulgeet.

B K Singh extended a warm welcome to all alumni from East Coast.

Anil Singh VP and Treasurer, BITSAANA’s presented the latest development taking place in BIT Sindri.

Prabht Kumar Sinha mentioned the effort he and his team has been putting to gain the lost glory of BIT and how this can be converted into a National Institute.

Entertainment was planned by Sandeep Kumar – we all enjoyed singing and listening to the wonderful karaoke track.

The next day, on behalf of Director BIT Sindri, we presented the BIT Distinguished Alum Award to Dr. Yogi Chadda (1957 Mechanical) at his residence in Middletown, Delaware, U.S.A. on March 31, 2019.

Anil Singh (1964 Metallurgy), Divyanshu Raj (1991 Metallurgy), Mrs Radha Singh, Smt. Daljit Chadda and Preeti Singh Jain (daughter of Yogi Chadda) were also present during the presentation ceremony.

The ceremony started with singing of BIT “Kulgeet”.

After the ceremony we all were treated with a home cooked stemptous lunch.


Dr. Yogi Chadda appreciated greatly this award, and asked to convey his sincere thanks to Dr Dharmendra Singh and all BIT staff and students. He wished that BIT keeps on this improvement path, and he is sure that BIT will very soon become the top tier technical institute in India.



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