2014 Alumni Meet at Willowbrook IL

Activity Date: 
Saturday, September 20, 2014
Regional Midwest BIT Sindri Alumni Association- meeting at Taste of India, in Willowbrook IL

Date: September 20th 2014

In attendance:

  1. Upendra Sinha, 1967 Met, with Mrs. Premlata Sinha
  2. Krishna Puranmalka 1966 Met., with Mrs. Sunita Puranmalka
  3. Jitendra Shahi 1966 TC, with Mrs. Sushila Shahi
  4. Bish Kumar
  5. Mamta (Pandey) Sharma 1995 Prod.; with Mr. Pradeep Sharma, and kids
  6. Ajay Singh 1985 Met, with Julie A. Hagemann
  7. Kalimullah 1967 ME, with Mrs. S. Kalimullah
  8. Arun Prasad, with Mrs. Anita Sinha
  9. Gautam Adhikari 1991 M.E.
  10. Neeraj Sinha
  11. Sanjay Kumar 1988 M.E.
  12. Jayant Kumar 1974 C.E.
  13. Pawan Agarwal, with Mrs. Mridula Agarwal
  14. Arunima Thakur 1991 E.E., with Mr. Maneesh Gangal
  15. Bharat Majhi 1964, with Mrs. Indu Majhi
  16. Praveen Sinha 1995, with Mrs. Swati Sinha, and Jhalak (daughter)
  17. Dr. Smriti Anand, 1990 E.C.
  18. Smita Shrivastava 1995 Civil. Engg.
  19. Dr. Neil Pundit, 1961 T.C.

We met from 3 pm to 6:30pm CST
Alumni drove from Kentucky, Michigan, and suburban Chicagoland to join this meeting and make it a huge success.
Quoting Dr. Neil Pundit at the end of the meeting- “this has been one of the most successful meetings we have had recently in North America, in terms of attendance, willingness to make a difference, and sponsoring top issues at our Alma Mater; as well as membership sales.”
Alumni introduced themselves. They expressed the need for addressing top issues, and we discussed several topics. The funds are available, however we need to develop a culture and ability to own and execute these projects. We also toyed with the idea of identifying local Alumni or third parties who could be trusted with carrying on the execution at Sindri, on our behalf. Socio-political issues apart, we can continue to make a difference even in small ways.
All 18 Alumni in attendance either enrolled for annual membership, or had done it online. This is a historical FIRST ever Alumni meeting in which we had 100% membership sales! Midwest alumni made us all proud! As is the tradition started by Neil, all of new annual members were presented a limited edition BIT Sindri logo coffee mug, which we hope you enjoy as a small token of appreciation from the association. This cup was designed in several editions, and colors, this one with the “purity of white” theme; with our crest that reminds us of our daily obligatory duties, and says “Nityam Kuru Karmatwam”
The top issues that were discussed quickly found very concerned ownership, and involved team members; as follows:

  1. Library Books project- Ajay Singh
  2. Safety of girl students- Anita and Arun Prasad
  3. Girl’s dorm restroom repair- Anita and Arun Prasad
  4. Laboratory Equipment- Arunima Thakur
  5. Road and Building infrastructure- Pawan Agarwal
  6. Building a “give back to Alma Mater” process for Scholarship recipients- Pawan Agarwal
  7. Help BITSAA-NA BOD search, and enroll new Alumni members in North America- Arunima Thakur
  8. Revive informal local chapter meetings- Upendra Sinha, Bharat Majhi, Gautam Adhikari, Krishna Puranmalka, and Arun Prasad
  9. Nominate distinguished Alumni- Pawan Agrawal, Sanjay Sinha

It was decided that due to paucity of time, we shall circulate the list and make sure everyone can review the top projects, and sign up for one or more of these important projects
The food was well presented- thanks to Mr. Krishna (Puranmalka’s) decision to go with Taste of India location. We were given a room to ourselves for the most part (2:45 to 5 pm- and a limited number of restaurant clientele after 5 pm)
Alumni’s- Bish, Ajay, Upendra, Krishna, Mamta, Praveen, had called their batchmates/ local friends in the area, and made sure we had solid attendance. A special thanks to everyone for making the effort despite Chicago’s commute times. Smita (Shrivastava) had attended from Kentucky- Praveen had called her up and mentioned to her – she had attended the earlier meeting in Michigan, and continues to make it a point to attend. Many thanks to Mr. Sanjay Sinha who drove Michigan attendees home- a ten hour roundtrip journey- that ended around 1:30 am the next day.
We departed reluctantly at 6:30pm, followed by individual conversations in the parking lot. A follow up conversation is planned for near future.
A few of the invitees had prior engagements and could not join us, although they had expressed their commitment to help with top issues- and Krishna Puranmalka will follow up with them.
A very big thank you to all! It was indeed heartwarming to be part of this team, and amongst the company of illustrious high achievers. You make all of us very proud !