President's Update of March 25, 2015

  • Posted on: 25 March 2015
  • By: drpundit
Our regional meetings, held monthly in a metropolis in US and Canada, are lively and encouraging. Follow up meetings are held locally. Our population now is over 560. The entire Roster is available to you if you register. With the generosity of Kris Singh and other Distinguished alumni, our offer to repair or rebuild all toilets on campus is well-received by Director Dey, and Dr Girijesh Kumar is seeking bids. Our preference is girls' toilets first, and we would require a regular maintenance. We have filed proper tax papers for 2014 calendar year for the state of Delaware and the Federal. To impress upon the authorities for uplifting BIT Sindri, we are establishing an umbrella organization representing all stakeholders (students, faculty, and alumni) called BIT Sindri Association INTERNATIONAL. We have two large Meetings planned on July 25 in Edison area of NJ, and the other on August 15 in San Francisco area where we will have our annual Election. Nominations are invited for Directors.